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I've Been Short-Listed :)

News flash!

I’ve been Short-listed  :)

As part of the Hurstville City Council 2014  Discovery Festival of Community Arts,  Hurstville Discovery Writers Group is holding both a Short Story Writing and Poetry Competition, and I’ve entered both. 96 more words

Meet Our Story Writing Team

Dear Readers,

As someone who is as addicted to fiction as much as she is to poetry, cat glittering and The Mindy Project, I didn’t want to put the kabosh on featuring short stories altogether because it’s unfair to everyone who loves to see a good story unfold. 569 more words



I am reading the “Story” sections in my Harper’s now.

I’ve been avoiding them for 2 years, because I was afraid they were too good, or too fictional, or both. 489 more words


The magic formula for short stories

I was looking for some short story writing advice when I came across a quote from John Steinbeck:

“I have written a great many stories and I still don’t know how to go about it except to write it and take my chances.” 29 more words


This Vampire Sun

We noticed it in the cats at first. We made jokes about all felines being solar-powered, with cells under the fur of their bellies. Stretched out in sun-rays, eyes languishing, the occasional dream-twitch of the paws and whiskers, we envied their ability – their luxury – to sleep anywhere, chasing sunbeams through the house and across gardens. 3,134 more words


The Sparks Fired Her Engine Up

And just like that, she awakened on a Tuesday morning with a creative spark after 24 hours of non produce-o and non create-o. She wrote emotional poetry; she produced a few slightly payable items; she decided how her characters would proceed in the third installment of Midlife Crisis. 312 more words

Bipolar Disorder

Halloween Stories in October

Every year (except for last year) I try to write a Halloween-themed short story. I write it for two reasons. One: I get really excited that/this time of year, and two: I’m really bad at short stories. 113 more words