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Songs As Stories: A Scrapbook of Daydreams

*Inspired by the song “Wild One” by I Am Harlequin

That kind of relationship is doomed before it even begins,” her mother warned. “ 922 more words


The Snow Queen Blurb and Excerpt

So, my next published, uh, thing comes out this Thursday, April 24th. As opposed to my full, fat, overweight first novel, Winter’s Trial, this will be a short story fitting a direct theme. 558 more words


Sometimes Life Forces Change

Sometimes life forces change upon us we may not want. Such is the case with my writing. As much as I want to write another book I find I am unable to do so. 97 more words

Friday Fiction - Meeting Sophie

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‘Hey, Jake my man, how’s it hanging?’

‘Good thanks, Lee. Can I have a, err coffee, please?’ 1,007 more words


My worst holiday EVER - Friday Fiction

My name is Clio and I am 11 years old. I wish I could say that I am named after an Egyptian Queen, but no, I’m actually named after a car. 1,043 more words


Songs As Stories: Stars Go Blue

*Inspired by the song “When The Stars Go Blue” by Ryan Adams

It was a secret place, a quarter acre of Eden abandoned and erased from the mind of mankind the instant the original sin was committed, and I had stumbled upon it quite by accident. 993 more words