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Head On | Chapter One: Red


“Hi. My name is Bree, I’m sixteen years old, and both my parents died in a head-on collision.” I say to the group of teenagers in the ‘Victims of Tragic Losses for Teenagers’ support group. 3,039 more words

Madison VanSumer

The Sixth Man - Episode 25

A Good Lawyer

During the next week Drake and Missy visited nearly every night. The visits were casual as they talked about old times with Charles, now know as Wilson in order to try to familiarize him with who he really is. 518 more words

Short Stories

Cookies Cure Heartburn

“Rudolph? What’s going on?”

“He said he was just popping in for a snack, Mrs. C. Something about sweets and heartburn or some such.”

“How long has he been there?” 50 more words

Short Story

Love Built on Discord

I read this short story today and want to believe it changed my life. So often you find yourself midst couples who are so into each other, it becomes difficult to converse beyond a point because your eye wanders, and now you see his hand cupping her waist, now you see her finger tracing his jawline, her leg on his thighs, his hand on her butt. 79 more words

Double Happiness | 喜喜 |

Double Happiness (喜喜) is a Chinese symbol of marriage which means “Joy”. Chinese people still believe about the old myth, “if they put this ‘囍’ sign on their wedding decoration, they will be blessed for a happy life”. 1,174 more words


Advent Calendar: Door/Türchen #20

They had spent time on a wonderful celebration at their friends estate and it was time to return to their own.
When she went to the window of their room, high above the ground, she did not expect to find a thick layer of snow covering every available inch. 700 more words


Irrelevant Gravity: A short story

Irrelevant Gravity

By Lauren McGonigle

                  Take it in. Take it all in. Okay, just do it, it’s fine. Nobody will notice really. Or do I want them to? 2,390 more words