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An excerpt from HangMan

On a fine Sunday afternoon at an undisclosed location just outside Accra… 
The Circle sits in session.  
Chairman bangs his gavel to commence proceedings.  
“Are all Circle members present?” he asks.   680 more words

The Dark Dragon - by Gordon (aged 7)

In the windy sky late in the afternoon, a red scary dragon was looking down on the desert.  This dragon was calmly flying for food and enjoying the view.   45 more words


Fish and Lavender

The apartment smelled of fish and lavender. It was an odd combination, but then again that’s what the apartment was too, an odd throw-together of temporary and permanent lodgers, the floors and shelves strewn with things of people who did and didn’t yet live there. 279 more words

Short Story

A brief respite

A brief respite

My two daughters and I will be driving down to Orlando, stopping first in St. Augustine, for their spring break.

I’ll not be uploading to my website during that time, although I will have my iPad with me in the event the muse strikes. 61 more words



Cruising the city one night in high school my friends and I stopped in at Pizza Hut. Against the wall, sitting alone, was a redheaded girl about my age. 443 more words

Creative Writing

The Fact of Life in regards to Time

I can’t listen to music without thinking of you. Every word, phrasing and chorus reminds me in some part of you. Rhythms take the shape of your body as it fills the vacant space you left behind. 178 more words


"Don't make the same mistake twice" by Julia at the Sheraton in Philadelphia

Friday April 18, 2014
5 minutes
Overheard on Queen St.

Last time I sat there for you like an idiot with a death wish. It was that bad, and don’t try to tell me that it wasn’t. 200 more words