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Mythic Bleed

I am not just some monster. I do not stalk the herd just to scavenge their leftovers. I have my one furious hope hooked to my heart. 552 more words

The Stalker

“God, please. Please God, Not today.” She begged as she cut through those ten minutes of her journey from the school to her home. Ten minutes. 1,531 more words

Short Story

The Outlandish Adventures of Wrantin and Raven Prt. 1

Back when I was playing Dungeons & Dragons on a regular basis with a group, I created a character named Wrantin Kullslug. I still have his character sheet. 1,847 more words

Short Story

Fatboy's girlfriend

“Hey,” Baani approached me, gasping for breath. “Where is Sid? I can’t find him anywhere in the campus.”

“No idea,” I replied, flatly.

“Don’t tell me,” She arched her eyebrows in astonishment as if she had picked up a ghost or heard of something that is paranormal, “YOUUU don’t know where Sid is??” 1,793 more words


Hopeless World ~ short story

I wrote this one for the Toronto Star short story contest; the results were given last week and I didn’t receive a phone call, which means I was not part of the top three. 2,577 more words


Escape West

The police car sat behind a sign at a gas station across the street from a truck stop off of 270.  A white eighteen wheeler rolled by and the wake of the truck shook the white 2010 Ford Crown Victoria, followed a few seconds later by a black ford f-150, and a  minivan. 833 more words


Four Steps

Boredom struck me again as the girls around me talked about the latest break ups and gossip, it doesn’t interest me and it was boring, but listening to random chatter is better than silence. 845 more words