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She could not have slept for more than an hour before she was gently shaken awake again.

“Lady Vivian, we must be going.”

The voice belonged to Quinn, a soldier who, since fleeing the kingdom alongside her in the wake of the uprising, had taken it upon himself to protect her throughout the journey – though to what purpose she could not ascertain. 1,236 more words

Short Story

Jasmine thinks fast

I didn’t notice until later that last week’s post was my hundredth. Quite a milestone. I’m planning on making some changes to this site developing a few more pages to show off (that’s probably the right term) my writings. 1,974 more words

Jasmine Frame

East Coast Trippin'

The next morning, Elizabeth heads back to Michigan and I hit the road for South Carolina. I roll the window down in Dean’s Monte Carlo and let the breeze blow away the dust of that old life I tried drifting back to. 1,551 more words


I AM HOME - By Rich Paschall

A piece of home alone fiction by Rich Paschall

The alarm went off at 6 am as usual.  Instead of hitting the snooze bar, George turned off the alarm and got up.  1,017 more words


Rich Paschall reblogged this on Sunday Night Blog and commented:

One of my favorites from a little over a year ago.

Trivia Crack: A Love Story

“Fucking abysmal.” Natalie slammed the front door behind her and slugged her heavy purse over the couch. Her dad’s eyes looked up from his iPad without movement from his head. 1,466 more words


Sometimes, but not often, I get to work on the counter. I like it. I like to sit. If you’re not on the counter you’re expected to keep busy, and if there’s nothing to do, you’re expected to walk around. 812 more words


Watch NOVEL and SHORT STORY READINGS performed by professional actors

Watch NOVEL and SHORT STORY READINGS from the Writing Festival


Get your story performed by professional actors.

Deadline: SHORT STORY Festival. Get your story performed at the 2015 Writing Festival Events. 86 more words