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A Piece of Fiction - Midnight At The Party

It’s midnight in this poetic darkness, but you do not see the words that I have inscribed on my forearm with that black marker we found in the street, and grabbed because we thought it would be a fun thing to bring to the party. 326 more words

Endurance - weekly photo challenge

            Endurance is “the fact or power of enduring an unpleasant or difficult process or situation without giving way”, at least that’s what Google says. Personally, I think that endurance is more than that. 111 more words


"Lying in Wait"

(Photo: “Between”, copyright by Brooke Shaden)

I lie on my bed waiting.
Waiting for the evil
Which haunts the space
In my desecrated home
To strike. 247 more words

Short Fiction


These two repulsive little creatures are part of today’s Writing 101 task: to write of a contrast between two things using dialogue…


Her lips were frosted with that pearlescent lipstick that women seemed to covet in the early nineties. 397 more words


Mage of Rane: Prologue

This is the prologue to the novel I have almost completed. I have several title ideas, but I have not settled on one. However, the series title is… 1,276 more words


The Smell of Love

His face soothed my tired eyes, his lips made my imagination run wild and his smile seemed to fill the room. But I did not love him because he looked so handsome, I loved him because he looked the same when I peered beneath the surface. 298 more words

Bonus content!

It’s crazy. Our enrollment at the college is down somewhat, but I’m busier than ever. How does that happen?? :D

Stacked to Death is on its way; the publishing date is October 15. 545 more words