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She Killed Me: Episode 3 – The Waking (part 2 of 11)

The Waking (part 2 of 11)

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I think a lot of the time before my memory loss; fights every now and then at the evenings; me coming home late from work, often a bit dunk; that I had started smoking again after four years break; she speaking about her suspicions of me having an affair. 168 more words


Conversations: Silence

She looks out the window: I miss the days of silence, like when I was a kid.

He says: I know, all the planes and cars and noise seems everywhere now. 126 more words



“Reowwrrr!” Oni demanded. She hadn’t seen her owner in months and she was intent on letting him know she was not happy about the length of his absence. 116 more words


My newest output – fresh off the brain from last night. I looked through a book about dragons – more of an encyclopedia documenting them as if they really existed in the real world – NOW (instead of being dinosaurs who lived a few thousand years ago). 3,185 more words


Short Story - A Lady in Distress

Short Story – A Lady in Distress.

As promised, a short story set in my current universe, featuring Aiella and Dartea. Enjoy.


Short Story - A Lady in Distress

A Lady in Distress
An Aiella Adventure

“Stop making eyes at that woman over there,” Dartea said.
“I’m not,” Aiella protested. “She keeps looking at me.” 2,300 more words


Unhappy Trails To You

Todd Trickle awoke one morning in the Happy Trails Nursing Home in a cold sweat. He had yet another nightmare in which he reflected on his past. 1,078 more words