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[ FF ] Black Angel | Part 4

TITLE: Black Angel
AUTHOR: Rechan
GENRE: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Action
CAST: Ouma Shu, Yuzuriha Inori, Ayase Shinomiya, Samukawa Yahiro (Other casts will be made according to story line) 4,155 more words



Twenty long years yeah for these many years I have been working with Mr. Ahuja.Its been five years here in this apparel showroom,its one of its kinds in the town, a palatial metal carapaced three storeyed showroom connected by a boulevard which leads to the highway, it has seen all the fashionistas and the big cheeses of the town.Mr. 820 more words


Story #2

“Class, before leaving the classroom, do remember to switch off the lights,” reminded Mrs Koh.

It was the last day of school before the much-awaited December holidays. 444 more words


Changing the Faucets - a short story

For months the faucets on our sinks in the master bathroom have leaked. These weren’t destructive or life threatening leaks just an unpleasant ooze of water at the base of the faucets. 1,884 more words

Short Story

Peach juice on a bare stomach

It only takes one thing to transport you to the past. Just one moment- a smell, a taste a feeling, and suddenly your internal time machine has landed you in a field of nostalgia. 170 more words



“How’s that? Audio any better?”

“Much better, thanks. Who can hear you?”

“Only about half the planet, but since we’re encrypted most shouldn’t be able to understand. 1,594 more words


Slipping Into Blue

She slipped on earphones and adjusted the volume. The drama that played out on the street each day became a silent movie. She imagined what the old woman was screaming as she shook her broom at two young boys. 326 more words