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…is for Unbreakable.

Sarah had never liked zoo’s.

She looked over the large enclosed space. Metal bars encircling every inch of possible surface, resembling more of an iron box than a cage. 222 more words


I fell in love with someone through a song.

The room was crowded with different types of people but all I could see was you.
Many voices filled the spaces between us but all I wanted to hear was yours. 742 more words

Russell Banks: A Permenant Member of the Family

One Line:

Tragic from beginning to end.

Extended Review:

A Permanent Member of the Family focuses on the change and loss we experience in life. This collection of short stories follow characters that you’ll either love or hate, making it a mix of stories in terms of enjoyment, which will depend upon the reader. 178 more words

Short Story

Naming Villains

“The Ominous Hippopotamus struck again last night.”

Roy looked up from his computer. “The what?”

Chief O’Neil leaned against the young officer’s desk. “That caped weirdo that’s been going around the city breaking things and causing problems.” 238 more words

Oh Cry! Beloved Africa by Mbongeni Nyadza (poem)

Shapeless Africa
Shameless Africa
How dare they call you their own?
How dare they label you dark?
How dare they shun you?
Africa they caress you with curses… 132 more words

A. Joleigh


I was asking questions. Little Adi now in second standard had lots to study but would he ever be serious, no. I kept on prodding him and he kept on playing with his toy truck, answering me as and when he pleased. 1,015 more words

Short Story

View from the Open Sea by Dyane Forde (April's prompt)

View from the Open Sea (433 words)

Our dreams are but crystal drops falling from eyes tearing with joy or sorrow; their pings can be heard for miles around; their echoes bounce back to bless or to haunt. 423 more words

A. Joleigh