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The Owl Part I: A Curious Shoppe

“Ah, the regal owl. Renowned for unquestionable wisdom, Tootsie Pop accounting, and mouse nightmares.”

“You would be wise to afford the owl with more respect. While the notion of the bird being wise goes back thousands of years, it is quite commonly regarded as something much more dire.” 1,193 more words


Because I Have Something to Show You

Eric saw her from the gas station window.  It was Natasha’s muse.  The girl Natasha spoke of from the first time they’d exchanged words.  As the woman entered the bathroom, he realized that he’d seen her many times before.  1,614 more words


Psyched Out

Have you ever had one of those days when you wake up from a dream, and can’t shake it out of your head for the rest of the day? 799 more words

Promptly Done

The Desert (Short Story) - Will Bleveans

Author’s Description

This is a very short story in which I explore the nature of beauty. It’s not perfection, but I think it’s pretty interesting to read. 557 more words

Member Work

My first birthday (true story).

This story inspired by the photo of NATALIA MAKS‘ below (used with her blessing).


I was born in Odessa, a wonderful Ukrainian city on the shore of the Black Sea. 259 more words


Compensation, Round One

The door swung open just as Bird shoved another forkful of leftover pasta into her mouth. Acting on autopilot, she swallowed the bite and jumped off the counter before seeing that it was just Danny bursting in with an overflowing dish-tub. 1,700 more words


Wind Along the Grounds of a Battlefield

Soft wind wrapped itself around the warrior’s leg, running off into forever after it’s gentle caress. He never wanted this. He had always been the one to keep to himself, not one to play the hero. 122 more words