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Random Thoughts--TV Shows--and British Romanticism

I flipped through the pages of a magazine the other day. I know, how strange. Where did you find a magazine? What’s a magazine?

Well, it’s sort of like the internet but on paper and there’s a whole lot less of it. 804 more words

Short Story

More Publication News

I hope your weekend was as filled with fun as mine was! Hurray for long, luxurious holiday weekends!

And now, for that good news: I have not one, but two stories coming out this month. 166 more words


the Sea God

You’ve been waiting for fifteen minutes.

            The air around you is full of amiable, yet distant chatter: couples meeting, families stopping in the shade to rest, children cavorting around the statue. 375 more words


An Image

“What? No..! I can’t believe it. He is alive”, he bursted out at him.

“Rahul…! You must have to agree with me; you should accept the fact. 544 more words


The Rapture of Bleeding

Tossico lay atop the sagging mattress on the creaky bed. He’d found an old knife, dull but not blunt, in the rickety old desk at the far side of the room in Pemberontak’s royal palace. 790 more words


Clutch: A Boy's Life

Another non-fiction piece I wrote a while back about how my love of basketball helped shape me growing up.

Pick up Quarter Life Crisis at GetOverCollege.com… 6,412 more words

Short Story

Writing Prompt

Prompt #1

Write a scene between a hospital patient and a doctor trying to diagnose treatment. The catch? The patient is in shock and only able to say one word. 15 more words