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Prior to putting on four hundred pounds, he would eat every two hours. Concerned, desperately so, of starving to death after watching three straight days of infomercials showing children in Africa being lovingly exploited by celebrities. 121 more words

Short Story

Dishwasher Chronicles Part 2

The gleaming stainless steel dishwasher made its way home after a 2 week waiting period. There was great rejoicing in the house when we switched it on for the first time, since we could not hear it. 1,222 more words



We’re in Leeds station, waiting for my coach.

Teary-eyed arrivals walk by with puddles on their cheeks and a look of ‘you don’t understand’ in their eyes. 37 more words


The Jilter's Rug

The all too familiar tightening in her lower belly was becoming unbearable with every thought of him this past week.

Her throat constricted when she summed up the courage to call and confront him on this matter, but her efforts would soon die once she looked at her phone and his number was at the dial. 4,688 more words

Short Story

Lifestyle of the rich and famous

As she stood by her bedroom window watching her estranged husband of 25 years flirt with one of their young house keepers in their backyard, Elizabeth wondered why she had married him in the first place. 1,235 more words


Once upon a time, pink was created.
It changed our world in many different ways, but do you know how it all started?

Our story unfolds in the kingdom of Redwhite, at least 1000 years ago. 213 more words

Chapter XII Into the Mist

The prince asked Arilla to wait until dusk to explain to the king and queen that they were going on an outing to his castle to look for new ingredients to try in recipes. 850 more words