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Post-Teen (fragment)

A boy unfortunately on the verge of manhood sits cross-legged on a lofted bed in a college dorm room eating Pez candy.

Typical to the case, the room is divided between two roommates in a symmetrical pattern of standardized furniture. 273 more words

Untitled Start with no End

So what’s the point in all of this
When you will never change
The days have pass, The weather’s changed
Should I be sorry Could I be sorry…

224 more words
Short Story

As The Wind Blew Outside

As the wind blew outside
He felt the knot tightening
Saw the trees bending
No sound was he hearing

Closing the curtains
He shut out the grieving… 52 more words

A note on contemporary literary fiction

Contemporary literary fiction is a problematic term. It is extremely difficult to define and as a result, any discussion risks devolving into either an exercise in exclusion and inflexibility, or, an augmentation of the nebulous that becomes so vague as to be entirely diffuse. 968 more words


P Is For...

Good morning :) Ive just been sitting in my garden drinking my cup of tea, trying to come up with an idea for todays letter. Its P day on the… 564 more words


STORY: All in the Telling (Part One)

Beth wasn’t sure what hit her first when she walked out of the airport. Whether it was the heat, or the humidity, or just the differentness of this place. 3,262 more words


The Proposal (part 2)

“But you promised,” Ayn said, casting her most pathetic look.

“I know, and I will,” he said, “after I find out what Father Gheraeld needs.” 111 more words

Short Story