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New Mentor Needed

Sunday April 13th, 2014 – Island Lake, IL

I speak often of what a tremendous mentor my grandfather was to me – and he was – but there are a few things he never got to that I had to painfully learn on my own. 745 more words


Reaching our destinations

Many a time we look at our lives and we are not happy with where we are. Whether it be our jobs, where we live, whether we are single or not…everything comes into our minds. 373 more words


Keep moving. It's the better option ....

HA! Easier said then done. It’s lunchtime on a Monday and I’ve cleaned my house from top to bottom. I promised myself I would stay away from watching  TV today as it is such a major distraction in productivity. 354 more words

We’ve already talked about breaking down your career plan into long-term goals and short term goals. Today we’re going to talk about getting down to the most granular level of your career plan: your critical next steps.



Consistency is Key

I have come to realize that being consistent is vital in order to achieve any thing. Makes sense though: how does one expect to accomplish a task without being consistent with it? 218 more words

Remember This!

Finding My Achilles' Tummy.

Seriously, readers.
That booty, though.

Could my ass get any bigger?
I don’t want to find out.

That is actually a flattering picture
because you can’t see my stomach. 148 more words


A plan...

So, I have been tracking my food for 3 days… This is a crazy short amount of time, unless you’re me, because I lack consistency and I forget I’m ‘doing’ something and habits take over before I even think about actions sometimes. 157 more words