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目前短網址的服務似乎蠻多的…. goo.gl, tinyurl.com, x.co 等等,來段 code 簡單解析一下最後會重導的位置:

command line 跑一段這個 code:

showu() { [ -z "$1" ] || curl -v “$1″ 2>&1 | grep Location | cut -d : -f 2- ; }

往後執行 showu http://tinyurl.com/gqno 這類短網址就可以知道最後跑去哪了…


Surfing with short URL’s & QR codes

URL shortening is a method to convert long url’s into a short and compact links. short links are user friendly and are easy to share. 254 more words

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The concept of Ioi URL share station is to make webpages easily to be shared across different devices(computers,phones,tablets etc.),conveniently to be shared to different people,and also to SNS. 289 more words