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A Little Bit Of Heartache

Thud. Thud. Thud.
It starts to beat fast.

Thud.     Thud.
It skips a beat.

It slows as you leave.

It breaks.


On the outside looking in (Short story)

Thin walls. Fragile though they appear I refrain from pummeling at them to break through. I tried that once and failed. No I didn’t just fail, I hurt myself so bad I couldn’t lift my arm for days. 547 more words


Under The Blankets

A poem for Mary Jane
by Chris Hibbard
January 30, 2015

She snuggles closer under the blankets

Her body is supple and warm and delicious… 22 more words


We Will Live Again (2012)

“Everybody wants to go to Heaven but no ones in a hurry to get there”

This documentary short delves into the extraordinary and macabre world of cryogenics. 147 more words



The clock struck twelve,
And they raised their swords.
The clock kept moving,
But no one was left to fight any more.

One more (a poem)

The results of yesterday’s writing were largely unsatisfying. I wrote five poems, each one shorter than the last, and wasn’t terribly sure about any of them. 67 more words