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No fear lodging inside the hearts

No anxiety crushing on the lungs 54 more words

MINE! Back Off Unless You're Invited

Song and a Quote

The effect of music is so very much more powerful and penetrating than is that of the other arts, for these others speak only of the shadow, but music of the essence.

- Arthur Schopenhauer


50 Words or Less

The first bite is always the best.

Fresh, colorful skin still warm from the summer heat. I scrape my teeth over the taut flesh, canines catching the thinness and causing perfect little droplets to form. 37 more words

Creative Writing

Ignite Me.

You know,
There’s just this feeling in my chest.
And I swear,
I’m sure if I had the right outlet,
It could swallow the world whole. 51 more words


That mother and father
Don’t know much about what’s going on
No clue what’s happening within oysters
And they were the kindest of them all… 22 more words


It feels like
Feels like
White haziness in the morning
And white circles, glowing
In the night
It’s hanging overhead
Swallowing whole
Restricting any sense


Russia (RSX) Reaches Downside Targets

Back on June 23rd, we identified the opportunity to short Russian equities with very little risk and very good reward. It paid off. Russian equities (using RSX as our proxy in our post) sold off after hitting (and failing to breakout from) a downward trend line that dates back to 2007. 128 more words