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Embedded Tweets in Sitecore: A Proof of Concept

In a previous post, I showcased a “proof of concept” for shortcodes in Sitecore — this is a shorthand notation for embedding things like… 1,141 more words


Embed It: Using Media Like a Pro

Your blogs are designed to display a staggering number of media formats that you can embed directly into your posts. Nothing helps creativity more, though, than seeing how others are already using some of the great features available here on WordPress.com. 327 more words


Lensa Blog Shortcode

Hello again!

There are a lot of question about this Lensa theme coming into my mail. Some of them is interesting, for example is this question: 662 more words


SMS Shared Shortcodes Explained


Instead of using the traditional long code number, meaning the standard mobile number (here in Ireland that would be 3538********), businesses tend to prefer using… 282 more words


got poetry?

Just a quick note about how I updated my “pieces of my soul” page today.

It’s a page I created to list all of the poems I post here, so if anyone wanted a quick an easy way to rummage through my poems, they could. 226 more words


Embedding assorted stuff in WordPress blogs

Converged communicators who have been looking for ways to embed a wide variety of information can find ways to do exactly that. You’ll want to read the WordPress tips on using… 111 more words

Assembling Digital Media