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Pomelo Fashion

My shopping situation of lately consists of the need to have e-v-e-r-y-thing. Just so we’re clear, I don’t think it’s because I have a problem. Instead, I would like to blame the fashion industry for making everything so amazing. 754 more words


What is love? I barely know a thing about it, I haven’t experienced to be in, romantically speaking, but I am always in love. I have so many reasons to be in love. 58 more words

Midnight Thoughts

Stairway to Something (Audio Short)

Ever have that dream where you’re climbing a staircase with no end? Ever feel like you’ll never be satisfied no matter how far you’ve come? This dream journal entry takes the physics of that metaphor a little too literally. 23 more words


Sails Away

Hello, World.

The weather is starting to get to that point where shorts or short sleeves are an absolute must if you wish to avoid burning up.  276 more words


1437 Oak Grove Court

He prodded her in every sense. “It’s okay. Cum for me, gorgeous. I know this is what you really wanted.”

She let out a moan. She was going for guttural, but it sounded more like a presidential candidate speech: completely false.  176 more words


Florence Mills

January 25, 1896 – November 1, 1927
  • Florence Mills (born Florence Winfrey) was one of the greatest entertainers and singing, dancing jazz performers the world has ever seen.
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Will Atlanta be the Capital of a Black State?

In recent months Libertarians have made the news by advocating the move to a single state to pull its political strength. They seek to elect council members, congressmen, and governors who agree with their general philosophy of no taxes and limited government. 586 more words