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Short Films!

(Still from the short film Dinner with Holly by Josh Crockett and Daniel Sinclair. Link Below.)

Browsing the internet looking for inspiration…(maybe those two things shouldn’t go together but oh well this is the 21st Century) I came across a few cute short films. 393 more words


How to Stand on an Edge

It’s really very easy.

What’s hard is looking on either side of you—

            this way or that way? 130 more words



If you google the word ‘denim’ what you will find is the grand history of this fabric which has been used since the 18th century. The fabric has evolved ever since and today there are varied uses as well as textures and colours available as opposed to the indigo denim that was initially used to make overalls and trousers for construction workers due to its sturdy nature. 286 more words


DIY: Sure Trouser Shorts

This summer I have finally found a pair of trouser shorts that was PERFECT for me. Isn’t too tight, isn’t too short, doesn’t chafe my thighs, and is really airy. 636 more words


Get shorty...

I’m in Athens at the moment, visiting my parents, and these are all the shorts I brought…that are currently lounging uselessly in a cupboard, unable to be used as I have about 25 mosquito bites on my legs alone, and 2 weird patches of sunburn where my sunscreen obviously didn’t reach. 51 more words