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Ben is not scared of the Yen

I’m not sure why but I have built up some irrational fear of the Yen, and now thankfully I have addressed this. I’m not sure what it was that started this but I noticed that my Yen trades are typically the ones that I manage the worst. 250 more words

Trading Advice

Stylish Eve Outfits 2013: Beach Wear with Shorts, Perfect Out of Water Style

Going to the beach does not always mean you have plans to get into the water. Sometimes you just want to take a walk along the shore with bare feet and enjoy the waves brushing up against your legs, and the sand sifting between your toes. 19 more words

the Sea God

You’ve been waiting for fifteen minutes.

            The air around you is full of amiable, yet distant chatter: couples meeting, families stopping in the shade to rest, children cavorting around the statue. 375 more words


The Revealing.



Today I thank God vegetarians exist. Kat’s extra slice of pizza was heaven.

“Because.” She replied.

I raised an eyebrow at her. “You know that isn’t an answer, Kat. 46 more words


Are My Ripped Jorts Destroying My Life?

Last week, after having a few beers at a live fantasy football draft (which I dominated, by the way), I impulsively agreed to meet a random dude from OkCupid for an impromptu first date in the city before heading home. 891 more words


caught in-between

caught in-between
two paths –
once intertwined
now extricated;

both looking
for the same light,
both searching
throughout the night.

by day, they say
they’re never the same… 48 more words