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Love Can Wait - Short Script Review (Available for Production)

Love Can Wait

“Eric is tormented by the suspicion that love can indeed wait.”

Light, fresh… and lots of fun. Those are the key ingredients to a good rom-com. 380 more words

Standard Short

The Blogger

A lot of people stare at a cursor flashing on a blank screen, digging into the depths of their minds to find something to write. A lot of people write a few words, delete 90 percent of them, and write a few more. 281 more words


Errands (2054)

A fog lifts and the glare of the laptop sets in.

The desk is a clutter, filled with junk from years ago that we’ve stopped using since. 1,430 more words


Red Light, Broken Mirror

It was dark.

Not pitch black, just dark enough that you couldn’t tell a teen goth from a paved road. It wasn’t warm, or sticky hot like it was during the day. 55 more words


Five (Ten) minute challenge

Angel wings with feathers of ravens,

taxi cab windows with tears running down,

hellos and welcomes turn into goodbyes and farewells

time passes but sometimes we don’t… 48 more words


How to wear...

“Being pear-shaped is one of the hardest things, especially in the summer as it’s so hard to find a pair of flattering shorts, so when I came across these black H&M shorts it felt like I had found the holy grail”  185 more words


Sweat in Style: Nike All Over

Fotografia: Verena Stefanie Grotto

Come chi mi conosce sa, anche quando faccio esercizi, mi piace avere stile, e la mia più grande passione sono l’abbigliamento tecnico di Nike. 422 more words