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Is karate developing a soft persona?

Times seem to have changed plentiful since when I started Shotokan karate over 20 odd years ago.  Back then in the Karate Union of Great Britiain (KUGB) head guards were unheard of, let alone mitts.  746 more words


The Eye of the Tiger...

It’s the eye of the tiger, it’s the thrill of the fight….do I still have the fight? As some of you know, martial arts has played a significant role in my life since I joined my first karate class at the age of six. 248 more words

Heather Swann

The Bunkai Gurus: Part 1

I am still laid off from any meaningful training due to crappy health. This is just a ridiculous state of affairs! However, on the positive side, it does mean that I get to do a touch more writing. 527 more words


Andre Bertel Gets Robbed!

I read in a recent Blog (Here) that Andre Bertel has entered his first competition in years. He was knocked out of the competition in the first round. 75 more words


Heian Sandan: Key Points

The third in the Heian series. I must confess that this is NOT my favourite kata to performs. However despite my prejudices, it is a very useful kata. 158 more words


Heian Shodan: Key Points

I consider this kata to be the epitome of Shotokan karate. It is very basic but very dynamic in its movements. Although a beginners kata, there is much to be learnt from this form. 178 more words


Bassai Dai: Key Points

Wow it’s been ages since I last posted.  It’s also been way too long since I’ve had any quality training, largely due to a bit of poor health. 306 more words