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Shotokan and the lost art of Kobudo

When you train on your own on a daily basis it can be difficult to remain perfectly motivated. One way to get around this is by varying your training – change kata, combine your kihon in new ways etc. 242 more words


Tatsuya Naka - Shotokan Karate 7th Dan, Kumite Champion

Tatsuya Naka is a Japanese Shotokan Karate 7th Dan, Kumite Champion and actor. Although not a master of Okinawa karate, I was lucky enough to take a quick portrait last week. 46 more words

24/7 training, is it possible?

How often do you train?  Once a week? Twice a week? Three times or more?  Some of you may say you train for an hour a day, every day. 709 more words


Video 273: Chất "Nhật Bản" trong Shotokan Karate

Shotokan mặc dù nằm trong tứ đại hệ phái của Karate nhưng lại bị coi là hơi “lệch pha” so với các nhánh Okinawa. Điều này thật ra cũng dễ hiểu, khi Funakoshi Gichin đưa Karate vào Nhật Bản, ông nhận thấy cần phải sửa đổi kĩ thuật để môn võ phù hợp với tư duy của người Nhật (Karate cổ truyền vốn chịu nhiều ảnh hưởng của võ Tàu). 84 more words

Võ Thuật

Meikyo: to Age-uke or not to Age-uke?

I’ve recently re-introduced Meikyo into my training. For me it is a hard kata to place. On one hand it is extremely advanced, yet at the same time it is extremely basic. 180 more words


Be the best you can be: What if i told you?

This is dedicated to somebody very close to me for when they say “i can’t do that.” I’ve heard for almost 10 years this person talking about my karate to me saying “i wish i could do that”, “i want to try”, “i want to do it.” Truth be told nothing would make me happier. 745 more words


Andre Bertel: Bunkai-centric vs. Kihon-centric Karate

Recently, Andre Bertel wrote a really thought provoking article on the idea of kihon-centric karate (Please Read Here). In the article a number of points were made. 553 more words