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Oh, the things we do for our children

The social services paperwork requires that mommy and I get physicals. And tuberculosis tests. Tuberculosis tests.

Mommy is getting her physical tomorrow – the same day you’re scheduled to get your shots. 105 more words

Vaccination Day

Today is shots day. 

And I don’t mean the fun kind of shots in cute little glasses. I mean it’s Vaccination Day. 

When I say it that way, it feels even more like the world should stop. 715 more words

On the over-performance of Liverpool in '13-14 compared to previous Premiership champions

From Michael Caley on twitter today:

@RWhittall @JamesTylerESPN @mixedknuts @JamesWGrayson Have Liverpool overperformed by more than the typical champion? That's harder to say.

— Michael Caley (@MC_of_A) …

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Shim Sham Room

Last night was fun. This is one of my favorite bars. Where is your favorite place to drink?

A Grueling TWW

Ugh! It’s like the world knows I am on my TWW is plotting against me!

Babies babies everywhere!!

Now I know I am more likely to notice, since it is our goal but I feel like the baby-o-meter has been at an all-time high. 674 more words