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Shoujo Saturday: Bokura no Kiseki Volume 01 by Natsuo Kumeta

This week on Shoujo Saturday I’m covering Bokura no Kiseki Volume 01. It’s not a full series review as I’d like to try and see if people will like reading a single volume review. 145 more words


Shoujo Saturday: Bokura no Kiseki by Natsuo Kumeta [Quick Review]

This week for Shoujo Saturday I’m doing another quick review, something I’m really sorry for, but the rest of my backlog takes precedence over the material for Saturday at the moment. 196 more words


[Review] - Reimei no Arcana


Tác giả: Toma Rei

Thể loại: DramaFantasyHaremHistoricalRomanceShoujo

Tóm tắt: “Vào ngày hôm đó, tôi đã thuộc sở hữu của quân thù,” Nakaba đã nghĩ như vậy khi cô đứng nơi đó, biết rằng định mệnh của cô là bị gả cho nước kẻ thù để duy trì hoà bình giữa hai nước Senan và Belquat. 1,438 more words


All About Skip Beat!

I have ranted twice about this manga, and I will rant again.  Mostly because I love it so much, and that of all mangas, this one is the absolute best.   1,303 more words

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Manga/Anime Recommendation: Emma

Recently, I’ve just completed reading an utterly charming manga called Emma by Kaoru Mori.

If you like historical romance and Candy Candy – even more so if you’re an Albert Candy fan-  this series will be perfect for you. 902 more words

Candy Candy

Shoujo Saturday: Kyou Koi wo Hajimemasu by Kanan Minami [Quick Review]

This week for Shoujo Saturday I’m doing another Quick Review! It’s Kyou Koi wo Hajimemasu by Kanan Minami!

Plot Synopsis: Despite Tsubaki Hibino’s talent in styling other people’s hair, she isn’t comfortable with doing the same for herself. 188 more words


Dear School Gang Leader [Hayaka and Katou's moments]

This manga is one of my first favorites.
An innocent girl and a strong, mother-like guy who protects her. :)😍

-Dear School Gang Leader Vol. 1-2-

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