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Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun – 08

“Prince” Kashima discovers Hori’s copy of Team-Nozaki’s work and misinterpreters the extensive notes he’s made in it and conversations with Nozaki to mean that Hori is looking for love-guidance and/or wants Kashima to treat him like a princess. 659 more words

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Shoujo Saturday: Watashi ni XX Shinasai/Missions of Love by Ema Tōyama

This week after a brief break to talk about Depression I’m back with your regularly scheduled Shoujo Saturday post. It’s Watashi ni XX Shinasai/Missions of Love by Ema Tōyama this week. 218 more words


Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun - 07 (Take Two)

Nozaki asks Chiyo out, but that turns out to be a reference gathering and art supply run. Frustrated but hopeful embarrassment ensues. 

During the “date,” Nozaki attempts to get Chiyo to pose in a sailor suit. 589 more words

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Manga Review: HAJIMARI NO NATSU Manga [Spoiler]

Well I think most of you encountered such mangasas Hajimari No Natsu, or at least similar ones, childhood friends that turn into lovers. This has a love triangle from the start, two guys and a girl, all of them childhood friends and neighbors and chaos just draws to them.  393 more words


Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun – 07

Besides the fact they’re now friends and she helps him with his manga, one of the reasons Chiyo hangs around Nozaki so much is that she hasn’t let go of the hope that one day he’ll notice her as a romantic interest; even requite her feelings for him. 540 more words

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[Chênh vênh vài nhịp tim] Kou Mabuchi - Ao Haru Ride

Hôm nay mình lại trở lại với các bạn đây. Lần này không nói về sách nữa, mình sẽ dành toàn bộ bài này cho nhân vật shoujo mà mình yêu thích nhất: Kou Mabuchi từ Ao Haru Ride. 1,697 more words


Shoujo Saturday: Ranma 1/2 by Rumiko Takahashi

This week I’m covering a classic, although it’s really not a Shoujo series, it is in the art style and I’m going to count it as Shoujo. 178 more words