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Annie Ricci: The 11th Commandment (Stop "Shoulding" on Yourself)

I conducted a self-esteem workshop with several women a couple years ago. At this gathering, one of the women shared that she had learned “the 11th Commandment”from a nurse: “Thou shall not… 669 more words

Be You Bravely 2014/2015

Sabotage (That People Have To Stop)

Heather Hans, a mystical healer of loving energy for the heart, mind, body and soul and author of the guide, “one’s heart of Self-Love” joins eHealth Radio as well as the Personal developing Channel She covers how to stop self-sabotage from keeping united states from attaining our goals. 286 more words


Mental Judo Grammar: Episode 3 - Should

It’s the dividing line between wrong and right. But who decides what’s wrong and what’s right? Or, is it all relative and decided by the user of the word: what is right? 58 more words

Mental Judo

12 Places Every College Student Should Visit in India

Every student wants to go in a college of his or her choice. Well, assuming that if this happens then it’s really very good for them. 994 more words


The truth about guys every lady should know.

From a guy’s perspective. I am about to reveal to you, some things your boyfriend wouldn’t tell you.

I have noticed over the course of time,how unrealistic some girls/ladies could be when it comes to their expectations from guys. 407 more words


How to know who to trust

On this talk show:  How to know who to trust…plus, how to deal with a spouse’s disapproval about counseling…plus, why it’s difficult for some people to accept money for work… 27 more words


2015, January 10 – 123 – guilt

so much guilt
I reel from your expectations
real or imaginary
it weighs heavy on me
and on my heart
it tells me that I should not want… 37 more words