A few years ago, I had an “I am ready for my close up, Mr. DeMille” moment. But how to prepare for such a moment? Luckily, one or our dearest friends, Heather was visiting from the West coast. 517 more words

Alternatives For Triple D Cup

Frozen Shoulder

What is frozen shoulder?

It is clinical syndrome characterized by painful restriction of both active and passive movements of shoulder.

Terminology is currently revised to Periarthritis shoulder. 368 more words

Frozen Shoulder

Shoulder 'impingement' syndrome

It’s got many names…. rotator cuff tendinitis, swimmers shoulder, throwers shoulder, subacromial impingement or subacromial bursitis. These are all smart, intelligent sounding names for pain that occurs deep in the anterolateral shoulder (anterior meaning front & lateral meaning side… so to the front and side) 722 more words

General Issues

Joint class: all the answers, none of the pressure

Everyone gets aches and pains every now and then, but when that pain lingers for more than a few days you may need to seek help. 415 more words


Back Pain and Shoulder Pain - 2 people, 1 oil, lots of relief

As I posted earlier:  Pain is definitely the universal disorder.  Following is another testimonial about relieving pain from Katie Nice, a fellow Young Living member.   499 more words


My Turn

I finally got myself taken care of yesterday, which was completely awesome.  For those of you who know me, you know I’ve been struggling with a lot of pain in my left shoulder and a pretty significant loss of strength.   320 more words

I Blame The Polar Vortex, The Black Hole and The Higgs Boson Particle For My Inability To Walk Without Falling…and Rob Ford

As I took my (hopefully) last and fateful fall in the driveway by way of black ice, ( I shall call it black ice ‘cause it was ice and the pavement is black and I didn’t see it with all that glaring ball of light shining in my eyes last week..something we have not seen most of these 5 mths of hell…otherwise known as winter) I began to laugh, only it hurt so much I had to stop and realized if H was looking out her window right at that exact moment, she would have caught me just gangling up from behind my car and looking to my right at the man and children pretending not to have seen my butt slam, only to almost slip again from all the laughter and hilarity going on…and then watch as my car door slammed the mirror on daughter’s car. 288 more words

Misguided Musings