How to treat shoulder pain?

How many times have you experienced a tingling sensation on your shoulder followed by the pricking of needles effect? There are many of us who experience this sensation but tend to overlook it thinking it to be something that is the result of stress and strain. 352 more words


Working Through Pain

Today I did my chest workout. I had to be very careful doing exercises that involved using my shoulders, which was all of them. Working through the pain was not easy. 185 more words


Frozen Shoulder (Adhesive Capsulitis)

Frozen shoulder is a very painful condition in which the shoulder freezes up and becomes stiff. It may or may not be due to trauma. People with diabetes, thyroid dysfunction or gout are more commonly affected. 17 more words


Part 3: Digging Out From the Fallout of High Stress, Post Traumatic Stress etc..

This is a series of posts about dealing with a physiology and nervous system that’s been affected by stress. The last two posts covered the importance of respecting the wreckage that stress can have on us and the seven-pronged approach to getting past it. 638 more words


Threats to the Workout

Pain seems to be my constant companion. It is a very real threat to my workout regimen. Each morning when I wake up I feel something new. 167 more words



Today we were working the shoulders. My joints hurt so badly. I had to reduce weight in just about every exercise. I’m gonna have to find something that will help the joints, or I have to go to the Doc again. 95 more words


Bodybuilding programming issues and dealing with stubborn clients

I got a couple of good questions from one commenter recently. They deal with some topics I probably haven’t talked about enough on this site. Problems I spend a lot of time thinking about and working on though. 2,828 more words