‘Tis The Season For Auto Accident 101

Now that the holiday season is upon us we all have to drive a little slower, leave a little earlier, and watch the road a little better. 415 more words

Stop Doing Exercises That Hurt You!

by Dana McDaniel, Strength & Conditioning Coach at Performance Sport-Care

In our facility, corrective exercise and strengthening exercise is an important part of our treatment of patients. 1,090 more words

Sports/Bodybuilding Injuries

So I Hear There's A Party At Your Joint!

Are your joints starting to feel a little rusty? Maybe Joint Mobilisation Techniques can assist you with hip pain, shoulder pain or general joint pain. 24 more words


Post Operative Myofascial Release

When a person has had surgery, whether it be abdominal, cranial, shoulder, back, hip, knee or any joint surgery, often a neglected portion of the recovery is Myofascial Release of joints and tissues affected by the surgery. 426 more words


Back again....

Well, it’s been a while since I have found the time to sit down and catch up. Since it is a much needed, rainy ( I’m not complaining), stormy, and flooding kind of day here in Northern California, it’s a perfect time to say ‘Hi’ once again. 545 more words

30 Paintings In 30 Days

Chiropractic and Weight Lifting

A great ‘before and after’ photo set:

Wassim is a serious weight lifter who recently took part in his first competition. He had been suffering for over a year with pain and tension in his left arm and shoulder that was affecting his ability to train and to keep the bar level when squatting. 154 more words


This one goes out to the Road Warriors and Desk Jockeys

Before I begin, please note that  “driving position” is (for the most part) interchangeable with “sitting at your desk.” So, even if you’re not a commuter this probably relates to your life in some way, shape or form. 863 more words