A Week Off

I have not been to the gym all week. I had not planned on going this week anyway. But I have not been feeling well either. 98 more words


Shoulder 'Impingement' - What you need to know

By Reza Ghannadan, MPT, BSc (Kin), Physiotherapist

This post will highlight a very common shoulder injury: impingement. I will discuss how this injury develops, symptoms you may feel, as well as how physiotherapy can help decrease pain and restore movement. 1,364 more words


Puke Bag


Wafer thin ham, poached eggs,

& toast on the way.

The beeps, the beeps, the beeps…

it is afternoon!

Took a stroll around, saw what gives. 53 more words


The InTENSe REBOUND® – Chronic Pain Management Series Part 4

Chronic Neck and Shoulder Pain – Causes and Solutions

Call it what you will, “stiff neck”, “neck strain”, “whiplash”, “frozen shoulder”, “I slept on it wrong and it won’t let me concentrate”, “worst tension headache in the world”, however you describe your condition it can be summed up into four words:  neck and/or shoulder pain. 381 more words

Chronic Pain Management

Doing It Ugly.

I’m not a medical doctor, but sport injuries suck!

There I was in the gym training for the Spartan Sprint Run with my husband. In my attempt to “keep up” and do an exercise designed to build my upper body strength and muscle memory for one of the obstacles, I launched into the maneuver wholeheartedly…and too quickly. 649 more words


The Battle In the Gym

This is what it was like in the gym today:

Bench press

Body: I’m not doing this.
Me: We are going to do this. 111 more words