MRI Tomorrow

Good morning,

I hope I am finding you on a low pain day. Got to love how those of us in chronic pain judge a day by our pain level!!. 460 more words

Chronic Pain

Creating a long term effect of Fascial Release

Of the Fascial Release Course I attended, probably one of the most important things I brought home was reiterating the importance of stretching the fascial tissue to it’s stretch barrier and holding it until it lets go. 756 more words

Back Pain

Cellphone harm: Cervical spine stress and increase risk of brain cancer

It is impossible to belief that that only a few years ago there were no cell phones.

When I go home, I purposely put the phone away so that I can be present with my children. 734 more words

7 very common posture issues, and how to correct them

This is meant to be a non-technical post, as it is a prelude to a couple new manuals of mine. (More at the bottom.) If you want more nuance on these types of things, feel free to look around the site.  1,755 more words


7 very common movement issues, and how to work on them

This is one of two introductions to two manuals of mine. (More on those below.) The first introduction is here.


1) Excessive neck extension… 1,298 more words


Hard Headed

I have been going to physical therapy for a couple of weeks. The pain in my shoulders have not decreased. And I am not helping matters. 84 more words

Shoulder Pain

My arms are always falling asleep! What can I do?

You wake up in the middle of the night, tossing and turning. You just can’t get comfortable because your arms are so tingly and numb. 447 more words