Ewww. My Franken-shoulder grosses me out.

If you’ve ever had surgery before, you know how disgusting it feels a few days later. My hair was all Crusty from getting in the goop from my blood and bodily fluids from my back during surgery, I just felt grimy and ready for a shower today. 373 more words


a day ruminating

1 day later, i’m upset.

  • despite my sub-acromial steroid injections, rheumy did tell me that my shoulder pain might really just be trigger points- can you see how fibromyalgia is a convenient diagnosis here?
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Cartoon ergonomics for working at the computer and laptop

I finally bought a separate keyboard and a small stand for my laptop so that the screen is at eye level and my shoulders are relaxed while typing at the keyboard. 190 more words

A Modern Take on Rotator Cuff Injuries

by Cindy Dehan, MS PTĀ 

The shoulder is considered to be one of the most intricate joint systems in the entire human body, with interactions between the upper arm (the humerus), the scapula, and the thoracic spine, in addition to the complex neurovascular system. 523 more words

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Shoulder Pain Relief Accelerated By Chiropractic In Hueytown

Shoulder pain can make normal upper body movement difficult and excruciating. It is often the result of an injury caused by unaccustomed physical activity, or the end product of joint disease. 305 more words

Chiropractors In Hueytown

Update on a Weirdish Week

First, I’d like to say hi and welcome to my new followers. I appreciate your interest in my blog, and I promise to come and visit all of yours the moment I have a chance. 527 more words


3 Easy Exercises to Solve Your Shopping-Induced Aches and Pains

Tis the season to schlep, haul, and carry your heavy Christmas Eve groceries, gifts, and basically everything needed for Santa’s sleigh to run successfully. All that weight can do a number on your neck, back, and shoulders, making you one sore shopper come the holidays. 290 more words

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