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A shout out to Britney Regal for her Chrome Girl review on her blog Glam Goddess!

Britney reviewed, “This nail polish is having your cake and eating it, too. The finish is hi-shine, it goes on easily and dries quickly (I’m fairly impatient so this prevents smudges for me every time!) although this is quick drying nail polish, it also wears on me for over a week, doing dishes and all. 33 more words

I LOVE MUSIC | Filtr Sweden

I just hit jackpot and found this awesome spotify account; user: Filtr Sweden. Wow! Big big shoutout to who ever is running the button where you get to pick the music and then other people can access it… MUSIC! 74 more words



The newspapers said it was an ACCIDENT. The FBI suspects it was MURDER. When an employee of retired NBA star Adrian Summers falls off a cliff, the situation reeks not of tragic misfortune but of intentional crime, committed by a fame-loving man who suddenly has secrets to hide.

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Hey Savannah if you can read this then answer me this

“What is the quadratic formula?”

#1ST Post




#SHOUTOUT to these beautiful, odd, adorable, annoying, fascinating, peculiar, honest, crazy, stupid, funny, smart, and loyal beings. The only people in the world who understands me the most. 7 more words


Happy Birthday

Wishing a dear someone a Happy 20th Anniversary of their 29th Birthday.



Picking the Perfect Concert Buddy

So I have a bio test tomorrow and didn’t pick an album for this week, so instead I’m going to help you out here. This week’s post is on finding that special someone. 808 more words