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The social media show-off

She goes on a trip and we have to see endless angles of the white sandy beach, the fuzzy palm trees send from right under or at the distance, the multi colour cocktails …. 1,060 more words


Still Impressing Boys

While growing up, many lessons were presented to me on how to impress boys. I managed to ignore them all.

When I was eleven years old another example of boy/girl enlightenment occurred. 892 more words


Aussie inspirations

I have found two Australian scrapbookers who’s styles I absolutely love and want to integrate into my own. They are predominantly mixed media scrappers and use a lot of inks and paints. 52 more words


Caesarea with Mom

For today, Mom and I decided to go to Caesarea to check out some of the work I’ve done over the past two months (see bottom row). 26 more words


Hit or Miss - The Ombred Lip

Hey everyone, today I’m going to be talking about a trend which seems to be circulating around the beauty industry and that is the ombred lip. 628 more words


Causes for security problems are legion. One of the high pertinence problems in software development is called “over-engineering” – creation of over-complicated design or over-complicated code not justified by the complexity of the task at hand. 879 more words


Types of Aunties

This list is in no way exhaustive. Just based on my encounters, feel free to add to it!

1.The Know-it-allĀ  Aunty:

This aunty thinks you are an idiot. 1,277 more words