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It was her favorite painting.  It was the view from her bedroom window.   Snow covering the rooftops of the city and blanketing the streets.

“It’s time” she thought.  198 more words

Reflections Of The Beautiful Eye ( Bel' Occhio)

For the Actor

I try not to, but without fail, I seem to only want to watch a show because a certain actor comes out.

I’m sure a lot of people resort to this. 53 more words

Child Beauty Pageants & Honey Boo Boo - Yuck.

I find it incredibly annoying when someone’s tongue is way too faster than their brain. Stop and think about what you’re going to say.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.  821 more words


''Did you see the way he looked?'' (The First Pinfall Counts Ep. 47)

he 12th of August show saw the team of Eddie Hayllerman and Tony De Lano defeat the team of Michael Eaton and Ricky Lucks. After the show ended, Eddie called his friend Davey The Don, the same man he defeat back in the WGA in his debut match. 814 more words


Conservative Talk Show Host Messes Up The Facts On Welfare

On Thursday’s edition of the “Savage Nation,” conservative talk show host Michael Savage blamed immigrant families for America’s financial burdens, ignoring that most of them work, and saying that immigrant women “ out babies like loaves of bread” in order to get more welfare benefits…”

Secular Talk video.

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