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Our First Show

I say “our” first show instead of “my” first show very deliberately. I could do none of this without my horse. Sometimes I take a step back to think about how amazing this sport is – an animal that weighs ten times what I do allows me to climb on his back, poke him in the ribs, and make him run when he would otherwise rather be grazing. 367 more words



Expedite Inc. is bringing to you Expedite Exhibition & Fashion Show, an avenue for people to Network, Sell, Promote and Get Expose to the media and public. 16 more words


Cowboy Bebop

I promise, I promise: the next post will be about a book.

I’ve never cared for anime. I ate lunch with a bunch of IT/CompSci guys during my first year of college and although they tried to convert me I had no patience for the childish aspects of the form: the jarring jumps between cartoon slapstick and saccharine melodramatic angst, the hyper-femininity and hypersexualization of young female characters, the obsession with classifying and naming levels of strength, attacks and techniques. 577 more words

Gotham - A Second Look

Welcome to the follow-up of Gotham:first look, if you haven’t already done so, it will make sense to read that article first.

 Let me start by saying I was so excited to watch this overly hyped tv series, purely because it was the only Batman related follow-up after the Dark Knight trilogy. 250 more words


Soundexile brings their unique energy to the airwaves with new show ReGroov’d

TLDR: Soundexile launches ReGroov’d, a new show featuring a blend of genres designed to enjoy.

Soundexile was formed with one focus in mind, a focus that still remains true today, … …

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The Gospel, According to Rhia

OK, folks, I am calling on you to repent of your SINS!  Come forward and dedicate your lives…to having fun and dancing up a storm!  For two hours, we’ll be dancing and having fun to some of the most awesome gospel music, from old-time religious music to the most modern of remixes! 
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