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15-Second Movie "LINCLONE" Is Better Than Plenty Of Features [VIDEO]

COED was hanging out last night at the TriBeCa Film Festival with Heineken and an aspiring filmmaker named Dennis Lazar. It was a big celebration, too, since Lazar was attending for the premiere of a movie that was made based on 140 characters that he wrote. 142 more words


The HM Lee Ryan Quote Book: A look back at his finest outbursts and anecdotes

Published on Holy Moly, Sunday 8th May 2011

With our tongue in our cheek and our hand on our heart, we can safely say that we do not know what we would do without Lee Ryan. 531 more words

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The BBC think Gary Barlow is a shitbag, apparently

Published on Holy Moly, Saturday 7th December 2013

Gary Barlow is a shitbag, says the BBC.

They didn’t really say that. But they did call him a “bona fide national treasure” and then remove it a few days later. 249 more words

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James Arthur calls man a "f*cking queer", wonders why nobody likes him

Published on Holy Moly, Sunday 16th November 2013

Some questions in life will always remain unanswered. Is there really a God? Is there life on other planets? 328 more words

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London Fashion Week A/W 2014: 30 odd pictures of Lily Allen, Kelly Osbourne and more

Published on Holy Moly, Sunday 16th February 2014

We got invited to London Fashion Week, but the bouncers wouldn’t let us in in our shorts, polo neck and gimp mask combo. 162 more words

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Brit Awards 2014: All the red carpet pictures you ever wanted and more

Published on Holy Moly, Wednesday 19th February 2014

Welcome, one and all, to the Brit Awards 2014. At long last, an event where we can celebrate the musical talent this fine country has produced over the last year. 199 more words

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Justin Bieber update: the little scrotum is out of prison. For now.

Published on Holy Moly, Friday 24th January 2012

This time yesterday Justin Bieber was arrested and locked up in a Miami prison cell. It was a good time to be alive. 220 more words

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