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#ThePiersonProject Eucalyptus Shower

There is rosemary in my shower currently, he is still experimenting with scents in the bathroom. He hasn’t learnt his lesson.

Plenty of space for shampoo and other showering products

If there is enough room for a larger shower shouldn’t there be plenty of space for shampoo and conditioner and body wash and…?


Unless there are concrete walls every shower should have a niche and it should be plentiful. 95 more words

By Design Builders

Kingston Brass KS266C Victoria 3Inch to 9Inch Wall Mount

When installing a wall mounted faucet assembly, make sure that the spout hangs precisely above the drain. This will help keep water from splashing and creating a mess. 306 more words



‎Wednesday, ‎June ‎19, ‎2013

Surround yourself with apathy
Turn the lights off, make it dark
Choose the perfect day, mostly cloudy or raining.. 10 more words

'Didn't You Know Grandpa Was Jesus?'

Until now, I have spared my readers photographs of the more rancid receptacles in our fun-filled adventure. Everything, in fact, but the kitchen sink. Having scoured the sink itself on numerous occasions, but being slightly perturbed by the unpleasant aromas emanating from the plug holes, Jackie decided to dismantle them and investigate. 292 more words

Sanctuary Spa Mande Lular Sensuous Foaming Shower Burst

I was given this for a Christmas by my grandma and I was really intrigued, I’ve never used a foaming or mousse type product in the shower before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. 164 more words