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Isolated Thunderstorms Possible As Muggy Weather Clings To Bay Area

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) – Monsoonal moisture from the south will bring an increased chance of isolated thunderstorms in the Bay Area Monday.

The damp air will combine with summer temperatures Monday, with highs expected to be similar to weekend temperatures throughout much of the region. 54 more words


Plover Shower By Oborain

Named right after cute little shore birds that feed and nest on the New England shore, the Plover Shower by Oborain is “a simple shower for sandy feet and salty hair, or just freshening up following a day on the water.” Simply because it’s constructed of cedar panels and welded 304 stainless stee… by… 7 more words

Considering About… An Outdoor Shower

Exhausted, we took a break from demo yesterday to sit by the pool and we watched the little ones playing in the water as we talked about different concepts for future improvements. 27 more words

Morning Weekday Routine: Summer Edition

Hello Lovelies! I don’t know about you but I love seeing other peoples routines. It gives me ideas for when I want to switch my routine up! 301 more words



As showers blow through
Slipping in and out of sleep
A lazy Sunday


not your ordinary shower

loosely based on true events 

I knew something was wrong with the shampoo the minute I opened it. As soon as the pungent gel hit my hand I knew this would be no ordinary shower. 354 more words

Berry Blast

'Turbie Twist, better than a bath towel!!'

My lovely daisy presents you the instructions of the ‘Turbie Twist‘. The images speaks for its self, it is basically a towel specifically for your wet hair after you’ve had a shower. 333 more words