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I have shred tattooed on my ankle. I laugh about it because what else is it if not funny? I do love to snowboard, but the word means so much more to me than that. 354 more words


Leanne Pelosi: Full Part Vision Airs

We’ve always enjoyed the style and creative prowess of shred guru, Leanne Pelosi. From her part in Standard Films TB20, to her raw and ridiculous edits with the PeepShow girls, Pelosi always pushes what’s possible. 121 more words


Do you cleanse to shred or fast?

It was once taken as fact by bodybuilders and fitness competitors that to keep metabolism high and stay anabolic, you had to eat every three to four hours. 1,085 more words


It's Going Good

Here are some updates on carb cycling and my workouts: I’m being very consistent! Carb cycling can get somewhat tiring though. After 3 days of going low-carb your body craves some bread and potatoes so the high-carb day acts as a saviour. 104 more words


The Origin Story

I’m using this space to document the trials and tribulations of teaching my daughter to surf over the coming year(s).  She’s a little over two, I’m about half way through my 30th year.   307 more words


Bataleon Global Warmer Review

Bataleon Global Warmer

Rider: Drew


Shape: True Twin

Flex: 6  (Lateral)   5.5 (Torsional) (Scales are the rider’s opinion based on 1 through 10; 10 being the stiffest.) 446 more words


Nick Johnston - 'Atomic Mind'

Over the past few decades, the instrumental guitar community has done little to silence its critics, the “It’s all just wanking over a lame backing track” lot. 205 more words