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Reality and unreality

“But the difference between the reality and unreality is such that we think if we talk about it, we have done it. This is the illusion – the Mahamaya. 192 more words


Capitalist and communist

“Man has not yet achieved that state where he can decide about his politics. After Realization, you know that you have powers, you become a capitalist, and you have to distribute it, you become a communist – you become both, you have to be a communist and you have to be a capitalist and you are very happy that you are a capitalist because you can be communist. 40 more words


Prayer to Shri Ganesha

“… Shri Ganesha, please be kind and merciful and forgiving that You manifest within ourselves.
Let all these hypocritical things, all these conditionings and all these wrong ideas we have or all the wrong life we have had, should just disappear like thin air, and let the beautiful moonlight of your soothing qualities of innocence be manifested through us.” 6 more words

Sahaja Yoga

What is Kaaba?

“Now, Kaaba is a place where you have a beautiful Shivlinga, which is called as Mekkaeshwar Shiva in our Puranas, from ancient times it is mentioned that, there is a pinda which is absolutely Vibrating and which is there. 128 more words


How does a child get spoiled

“Children are given liberty, ‘Do what you like.’ They have no sense of liberty! Supposing there’s an aeroplane, which was not fixed properly and made to fly. 56 more words


How cancer starts ?

“You’ll be amazed most of our diseases come from psychosomatic, like cancer, which are incurable mostly, cancerand we can say AIDS, all such which are supposed to be absolutely incurable and difficult, all that come with our connection, with our connection, which we are not sure of, with the left side. 285 more words