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Light over Dark :)

My boat was sinking. I could feel myself drowning somewhere deep inside the ocean of nothingness. I’m panting for air. My lungs are swollen. I need some fresh air. 370 more words

Warbling Whistling Wails

My eyes snap open in the dark
Nothing moves in the shadowy room
No mousey squeaks or mysterious creaks
The house is silent as a tomb… 225 more words


Mortgaged - Plastic Card Horror

Rose ‘I mortgaged my house.. Now what we can do is go to a far off county and take a small apartment and have road side business’ 328 more words

The Excitement Attack

Hey buddies.

I wonder if you guys have noticed that there exists a special species of people who suffer from excitement attacks. These people like to use exclamation marks everywhere, on every social media to show how excited and happy they are.  438 more words


Weaving through tombstones
Cold destitute wind shrieking
Lifeless leaves rattling