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Day 68: Minoh Waterfall! :D 土曜日・2014年11月22日

Everyone’s gone off to Tokyo unexpectedly. Meanwhile, I tried to explore the area I live in.

I think compared to the rest of the ryuugakusei… 652 more words


The path of a fox is never short...

“That’s the biggest fucking spider I’ve ever seen!”

The monster of a spider spindled its web a little more before scuttling to the shelter of the tree branches, most likely to eat mice, birds, a whole cow, etc. 253 more words


Penis Envy at Phra Nang Cave

Men, you have been warned! You may experience some penis envy when you set your eyes on the shrine at Phra Nang Cave at Rai Leh Beach. 273 more words


Songs of me—

I have had these hidden dilemmas of this day
A journey well sourced and coursed
The tree behind the hut is broken
The birds are homeless… 183 more words


Imamiya Shrine

I went to Imamiya Shrine (今宮神社), a shrine located near Daitokuji Temple and Bukkyo University. Imamiya Shrine is also called Tamanokoshi Jinja.

This shrine has a long history, because it is said that there was a small shrine which enshrined a god of health built before the Heian Period. 344 more words


Tree Checkpoints

In our game we have planned to have checkpoints at the end of each level that are 1. Tree like in structure and 2. When the reached by the player will burst into life and restore the world around them. 158 more words