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Link: Rituals and Shrines 101

This is a great article from Baring the Aegis blog by Elani Temperance about rituals and shrines within Hellenismos.

Rituals and Shrines 101


New on 500px : Lantern by Higashikaze_h by Higashikaze_h

Japanese Lantern at Katorijingu (香取神宮) shrine about 60 km west of Tokyo. JAPAN.
via 500px http://ift.tt/1pqsHVX

Yanagimori Shrine near Akibahara

Yanagimori Shrine is a shinto shrine located across the Kanda River from Akibahara. It is dedicated to the tanuki (Japanese racoon dog), often pictured with enormous testicles. 10 more words


Justin Bieber accidentally visited a shrine for Japanese war criminals.

Oh, Bieber. Honestly, it’s like he has a yearly quota of ridiculous, ignorant missteps to fulfil. The ‘I don’t know the word German’ thing, the ‘sixteenth chapel’ thing, the ‘I hope Anne Frank would’ve been a Belieber’ thing, and now this. 748 more words

Temples 78, 79, and 80

Estimated distance walked this day:  9 kms

Cumulative distance walked: 395 kms

We had another easy day planned, and had only two temples on our list to visit. 660 more words


Justin Bieber and the Shrine.

People need to calm down with the matter of Justin Bieber visiting a controversial shrine. I can assure you that I don’t agree with a lot of his actions, but this matter is just the media blowing it out of proportion.  126 more words

Hanazono Jinja Shrine

On our quest to find some delicious and steamy tonkotsu ramen after a long day at Disney Sea, we stumbled across Hanazono Jinja Shrine in Shinjuku. 78 more words