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Otori Jinja - The Birthplace of Torinoichi

November is getting closer and with it the annual torinoichi markets. You might have seen the often very colorful and excessively large kumade (熊手) at shops, homes and offices around Tokyo. 508 more words


Sapporo Ancestral Shrine

Here is a quick translation about small, but old shrine in Sapporo. You can visit the original Japanese and see a picture of it. Notice the 5-pointed stars on its curtain. 474 more words


New 'Shrine Cafe' in Tokyo offers fortune-telling and counseling services with your tea

Hey everyone, how has 2014 treated you? Did you finally get that dream job you wanted? Or maybe you moved, or found a significant other? 848 more words


Toji Temple Flea Market~

….. Something is ringing…. *look at my phone*…huh, it’s just 9AM *shut my phone*
*alarm ringing again*…. half awake, I looked at the screen. 733 more words

Hydrangea & cats at Hakusan Shrine

Hakusan Jinja (白山神社) is a shinto shrine in Bunkyo, Tokyo. It is especially popular in early June when it holds its annual Bunkyo Hydrangea Festival… 40 more words