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A Day in Kamakura

“And there is a Japanese idol at Kamakura”

Rudyard Kipling


Kamakura, after some half-dozen visits, still remains my favourite travel destination in Japan.  If fate had swung differently, and I hadn’t put down roots in Saitama, I probably would have made an effort to live there. 853 more words

Suburban Wildlife

Appealing to the dead for help in places such as domed sepulchers, shrines, graves etc

Question 8: What is the ruling on those who put some money as charity in vows boxes that are placed inside the domed sepulchers of some righteous deceased persons; the ruling on those who ask for blessings from the deceased persons; the ruling on those who ask for blessings from deceased persons through applying perfume; and the ruling on those who circumambulate the graves of righteous deceased persons to obtain blessings from them? 84 more words

6. Jamaad Al-Thaaniyah Fatwas (فتاوى جمادى الثانية)

Shrines and Sacrifices

 “What on Earth,” you may be asking yourself, “do shrines and sacrifices have to do with relationships?” The answer, put simply, is everything.  Its widely accepted and commonly known that shrines are places that are considered holy, or set apart because they are related to a person or a relic.  962 more words


Spring travels to Wakayama

I’ll just write briefly about this 4-day getaway and let the pictures do most of the explaining. A good friend and I have been meaning to take a trip together and spring “vacation” turned out to be a good time to do it. 1,323 more words

shrines, homages, reliquaries

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the first personal shrines were mexican ofrenda’s
they are examples of outsider art


Ofrenda from… 419 more words


Nagano's Path to the Pure Land

In Nagano, all paths lead to Zenkoji. Possibly one of the most important and influential Buddhist centres of worship in Japan and a pilgrimage site, Zenkoji has had a long and important history in Nagano. 1,529 more words



Yesssssss I’m back! I’ve been away for ten days on a spiritual journey; one that took me to the city of Baghdad in Iraq. As scary as it might sound to many when someone mentions traveling there, it isn’t so. 28 more words