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Looking toward home in the rear view mirror...

When traveling somewhere, I often look to my rear view mirror to see what the trip looks like from the other direction. I don’t mind “getting lost” exploring because when I’m going back home, I recognize the perspective. 410 more words


A wooly mess

The other night I cried. Uncontrollably. Unstoppable. In the evening before bed. Now the reason for this river of tears came from a mistake of my own. 166 more words


Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

Down the Rabbit Hole…The book was published in 1865.

Alice was getting tired when a White Rabbit with pink eyes ran close by her. The rabbit took out a watch out of its waistcoast and looked at it. 1,862 more words

Children's Fiction

Third-Party Logistics Providers Are Shrinking in Number, Growing in Size

Third-party logistics (3PL) providers play an essential role in hooking up shippers with the right kind of transportation service. But their numbers are shrinking.

The trend is toward fewer, larger players. 808 more words



The track which had been smooth and dusty just minutes ago is now calf deep mud. There is a constant avalanche of water falling from the sky and I can barely see three metres in front of me. 1,632 more words


International Day of Peace: tending the inner circle

Today is International Day of Peace. I’d originally planned to skip church so I’d have the energy to attend a festival celebrating Peace. There are going to be several speakers and resources for groups in my area working toward creating peace and I was really excited to touch base with others who wanted to do this work. 1,126 more words


Stop Shrinking, Start Fighting

Who told you chiropractic is only for neck and back pain? Look around, gravity is winning. Ever wonder why? Ever question how to win the war against time, ageing and gravity? 142 more words

Spine Remodeling