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Big Trees Are Disappearing, and Here’s Why

Big trees play an outsize role in the ecosystem, spreading seeds, feeding and housing animals, and absorbing carbon from the atmosphere.

But a new study finds that California’s… 299 more words


Be Careful, She's Old

I warned my daughters about drivers like me.

When we moved into our home 24 years ago, our girls were 13 and 11.  It’s a neighborhood of houses built in the 1950’s. 400 more words


Brilliance is an art,
Learnt before I’m old enough to realize what the word means.
Brilliance is an act,
It’s playing a part, and doing it well. 27 more words


I am...

still shrinking. One month later and my size 10’s don’t have to be unbuttoned to take off. I think this is where it will stop though. 11 more words

I don't know...

what I’ll wear when summer rolls around and it’s too hot for all these sweaters and blazers…
11 blazers, 15 sweaters and 6 zipper hoodies. I may have a winter wardrobe problem…