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Stop Shrinking, Start Fighting

Who told you chiropractic is only for neck and back pain? Look around, gravity is winning. Ever wonder why? Ever question how to win the war against time, ageing and gravity? 142 more words

Spine Remodeling

Intro post!

About Me:

I’m 27, and I’ve been a long-time reader of erotic transformation fiction. I’ve found something erotic in just about every fetish, and have thoroughly enjoyed many stories from very talented authors. 109 more words

Dimension Airlines - Part 11

After getting used to the swaying rhythm enough to take a short nap, Cameron was abruptly awakened by a jostling of his surroundings. He could hear talking from outside the bag, but only portions of the dialogue.  1,097 more words


First ones

1) Damsels in distress; Rescue; Bullfrog protecting their frog spawn

2) In the underground trying to escape; T-Rex; I can see bones or skeletons of prehistoric victims/prey ‘running’ away then getting caught; bones to flesh then back again… 55 more words


Ice Cube Beauty Hacks!

Normally ice cubes are used to keep your drinks cold or to keep an injured body part from swelling.    Most people don’t think that a simple ice cube can be used for beauty purposes but surprisingly there are 4 different beauty uses. 108 more words


Un-shrinking Jeans

My brand new, only been worn once, pair of jeans got shrunk today. After despairing over this for a few minutes, I searched online for a solution. 149 more words