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Day 8 and 9 of shred (meant to have been posted 2 days ago!)

Grrr wifi why you know post correctly! So this was something I wrote 2 days ago and that’s when it should have been posted.

Okay first off, I didn’t disappear I have just been super tired after my workouts that I kind of pass out right after haha. 131 more words

Blast from the Past

I wrote this post, originally titled “The Incredible Shrinking Man,” almost five years ago, when I was just starting to turn into a golden oldie. And now I am one! 693 more words




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If its out there & worthy of remark, well, what do you expect? 9 more words



This is the latest Picture, from the picture it and write series from Ermilia’s blog


Photograph provided and credited by Ermilia to Diggie Vitt… 298 more words

Video Conferencing - The World is shrinking..

Video Conferencing – The World is shrinking..

Every second person today is talking about video conferencing, it could be a dedicated room Telepresence kind of setup or a small movable unit or webcams installed on the workstations or even m…

- Part 9 - "Shrinking/Expansion Theory" (Entering 11th Grade) – August 9th 2012

On 9 Aug 2012, at 15:47, Nishitha Donthy <ndonthy@gmail.com> wrote:

Hi Mr. Tremblay,

I’m so glad to have read your theories on Shrinking theory ( 540 more words


Skinny Fiber Before & After

Way to go!!!! Look at your thighs and belly shrinking!!!

Need to lose some unwanted pounds by summer time? Let Skinny Fiber help you meet your weight-loss goals as well as get healthy from the inside out….nothing to lose but weight. 105 more words