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Brahm Sutra Bhashya of Shankaracharya in Hindi - 1.1.9


(जीव के अपनी आत्मा में विलय के कारण)

सत् शब्द वाच्य, जो कि कारण है, उसके बारे में श्रुति में यह सुना जाता है – ‘जब, इस प्रकार, पुरुष (सोते समय) ‘स्वपिति’ नाम होता है, तब, सौम्य, वह सत् से सम्पन्न हो जाता है, वह स्व (आत्मा) में अपित (विलीन) हो जाता है।


How to make custom filter in android using base adapter?

Can you please tell me how to make custom filter in android using base adapter ?
I have made a simple demo of auto complete. I take array of string in which there is 2250 entries with… 714 more words


Our own Self

It is important to understand the reasonable possibility of immediate happening of the most dreaded in our life. We live our life with eyes closed and mind shut to the thoughts which are fearsome to us. 278 more words


How to use json response in gson library + android + java

I am getting web service response this.I am getting response here .

    public void getWebserviceResponse(String result) {
        // TODO Auto-generated method stub

    Log.d("-----", "naveen"+ result);
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14th october 2014

Shruti’s birthday.

It’s Shruti’s birthday today. She’s shifting to her new house right now, so last night she slept in her old house. Plan was; Rathee, Aanya, Gyanvi, Shivesh, Uday and I were to surprise her in the morning, in the new house. 871 more words


how to hide table after select of row in angular js?

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Semester Two - Week One // 7 - 10 Oct


Of course, I was late for the van, and the people gave me shitty looks. First day of school, get over it, midgets. School was alright. 791 more words