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Subhashita - 19.01.2015

श्रुतिः शिथिलतां गता स्मृतिरपि प्रनाष्टाधुना गतिर्विषयमागता विगलिता द्विजानां ततिः |

गवामपि च संहतिः समुचितक्रियातश्च्युता कृता नु जरया तया कलियुगस्य साधर्म्यता ||

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The Peshawar Massacre: An Atrocious Act of Terror that Has United the World

“I saw army instructors falling on the ground first. I saw many of my friends getting bullets on their heads, chests, arms and legs right in front of me. 1,682 more words


Remembering WorldSpace

WorldSpace radio was terminated in December, four years ago. Listening to the radio hasn’t been the same since then. We used to wake up and tune in to channel 232 – Shruti – the channel which aired well curated pieces of Carnatic classical music – no ads selling apartments, jewellery or silk sarees. 421 more words