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Review Shugo Chara " The Loli Express to Hell " (short)


The Series begins off in a Loli magical World where some girl (Amu) find these eggs.  And of course in any generic anime she kept them and then they turned into fairies or whatever you want to call them. 321 more words

School Uniforms

School starts tomorrow, so today the podcast is all about school uniforms.

This is the seifuku and the gakuran, which are the standard school uniforms in Japan. 203 more words


Hinamori Amu

Hinamori Amu, also known as Joker or Amu-chii is the main protagonist of Shugo Chara… and I didn’t finish the anime series unfortunately.

Why I suddenly bother to introduce her now when her birthday is September 24th? 956 more words


Shugo Chara (PT)

Aqui estou de volta gente! Sentiram a minha falta? Eu sei que sim u.u Eu sei que não ;_;
Como vão todos? Bem? Iupii! ^-^ Bem? 924 more words

Anime PT

Shugo Chara! Review

Ah, finally getting to my first anime review ~ It’s about time.

The first anime that I’ve decided to review is called ‘Shugo Chara!’, sound familiar? 748 more words