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Jewish Feminists, Liberal and Orthodox, Seek Mutual Respect

As an observant, but non-Orthodox feminist Jew,  I have been really interested in some of the struggles of Orthodox feminists both within their communities and with liberal Jewish feminists. 845 more words


Orthodox Feminists- Why haven't they left? Not because a lack of observant alternatives

A common question posed to Orthodox feminist is given the great conflicts between their feminism and their religious environment (which I mentioned here and is discussed… 515 more words

Feminism And Jewish Ritual & Practice


I went to morning prayer today. It was an eye-opening experience.

When I do morning prayer by myself at home, I do the prayers in English, obviously, since my Hebrew is non-existent. 171 more words


Partnership Minyan and the Egalitarian Threat- Why Is New Worship Form So Scary to the Orthodox Establishment?

Here is my article in the Forward on why Partnership Minyanim are such a threat to mainstream Orthodoxy and also why they will probably end up outside it it- despite their desire to stay in. 18 more words

Feminism And Jewish Ritual & Practice

Three weeks until Passover! Not too early for gefilte fish cartoons!


The Invisible Woman

Last shabbat, I was sitting in shul during mincha, already having finished my private shemona esrai prayer, waiting for the chazzan to begin the public repetition. 937 more words


Just here

There are only twenty Jews left in Calcutta.  With the largest synagogue in Asia, the community has dwindled from five thousand to twenty.  Within a generation a woman who surrounded by Jews, who knew nothing but Jews,  sees the last of her ‘tribe’. 208 more words