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The Shifting Cultures of Multiracial Boyle Heights

In a critical scene from the 1997 neo-noir “L.A. Confidential,” the ambitious and overzealous Detective Ed Exley (Guy Pierce) escorts rape survivor Inez Soto (Marisol Padilla Sanchez) through the tumult of press coverage upon her discharge from the hospital. 2,130 more words


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Ryan Reft at Tropics of Meta has another blog post on the multiracial history of Los Angeles. In this article, Reft examines the development of Boyle Heights. Boyle Heights is bordered on the north the USC Health Scienes Campus, east of the Los Angeles River and north of I-5. It is one of the older neighborhoods of Los Angeles and has a unique history. Due to restrictive covenants, Jews were prohibited from buying homes in much of Los Angeles and settled into the multiracial enclave of Boyle Heights with African and Japanese Americans. Overtime, Boyle Heights morphed into a predominately Latino community. Reft traces the history of this neighborhood and explains how its past has helped bring Los Angeles' Jewish and Mexican American communities closer together.

As The Shul Turns...sort of...

I haven’t been for awhile.  I almost go on Friday, but then remember being robbed, twice. Remember the troika of Buddah/Old Dawg/Actress who create this hellish atmosphere. 237 more words

A Rabbi in the Pews

This past Shabbat I had the opportunity to attend the bar mitzvah of the son of one of my oldest and closest friends.  The young man did a fabulous job, leading a good part of the service both Friday night and Shabbat morning, reading flawlessly from the Torah, and chanting the haftara text with aplomb.   495 more words

Oy Vey The Bar Mitzvah

Just a short post to explain my silence recently… the Muse has not visited. Or maybe he/she did, but couldn’t get in through the door of my mind – which is currently full of The Bar Mitzvah. 503 more words

Oy Vey

I’m marginally insane.  I went from being completely irreligious to wanting to convert to Orthodox Judaism, and I’m trying to do it in a medium-sized city in southern Canada with a tiny Orthodox community, no kosher butcher, no kosher restaurant (at all), and a very busy Chabadnik rabbi.  52 more words

About Me

I don't know how to be Jewish

History is Always Complicated

I was born into a UK Liberal Jewish family. At the time, my Shul was a member of ULPS (United Liberal and Progressive Synagogues), an organisation now known as Liberal Judaism. 1,533 more words

Oy Vey

Our Shul in the Catskills

Congregation Temple Beth El in Kauneonga Lake celebrated its 90 anniversary last summer. I only found out because my daughter asked me a question about the shul in the Catskills — the shul that three generations of her family had all attended. 1,253 more words