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Someone said something to me today that made me think, And honestly thought is what I wanted to base this blog on, but not every thought that comes to my head. 746 more words


hello In a Chinese shop is a

hello *shy*

In a Chinese shop is a hello cat
one of its paws is on a hinge so that it can go up and down without stopping (if you wind it up) 93 more words


SDL Gedanken 4


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Just a little thought from my main blog.

Cha No Yu

A little girl sipping her tea
In a Japanese ritual to be.
Then she gave the cup to me,
Asking me to drink too.
But I was to shy to drink,
Ignorant of the Ritual…


Part-Way Through Fresher's Week

I moved to university last Saturday dreading Fresher’s Week; Now it is Tuesday and I couldn’t be happier with the way things are going!

I don’t know where my social anxiety has disappeared to! 1,065 more words


New Class

One of my favourite things about starting a new course is the giddy excitement I feel upon the realisation that I get to buy stationary. Pretty notebooks, stylish pens. 481 more words