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#30DaysChallenge #Day18

Right now there are only four people -including me- that actually are going to finish this challenge. The others just drop it, or weren’t able to keep with for different reasons. 549 more words


Welcome To My World.

Just replace ‘tumblr’ with ‘wordpress’ and you have story of my life. >.>


Personal Thoughts


just discovered the series “lie to me” on netflix, the one with tim roth from 2009, and i am enthralled by the thousands of micro-expressions people throw out there every minute of every day. 299 more words


Weakness vs Me

Weakness is a choice. Growing up all i knew is to stand up for myself and do things my self. 163 more words

Words And Phrases


Why do the good people in life underestimate them self so much? Everyday we pass them without thinking about “What if I knew that person?”. There are so many people out there that hurt others, or make them feel bad about themselves (some mean it, some don’t). 70 more words

Weighty Words

Not so long ago I was lying with my little toddler snugged in my nook as he lived out the horrible side effects of growing up and getting more teeth.  314 more words

Talk Nerdy to Me

Last night in BJJ class, Josh teased me for using the word “encroaching”, then Mike called me a nerd, and I was like “Duh.” I’ve already admitted that… 332 more words