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Meet a Match: Eli and Karl

“Hey, Karl, you know what?”

Countless conversations between Karl and his Little Brother, Eli, have begun this way. It’s a legacy of Eli’s shyness in the early days of their match. 358 more words

Match Profiles

Where I Was, Where I Am

Five years ago, I was different than I am today. I’ve changed on the outside, and on the inside a whole lot more. Most of what I’ve learned I learned on my own, which is a recurring theme in my life. 470 more words


I think I can..?

Tomorrow, I start a new adventure. At least, that’s what I tell myself. I like trying new things usually, but they always come with an over-sized side order of anxiety. 104 more words

Goodbye Dreads after 3 months?!

I love my Dreadlocks, not that you think I got tired of them, I just have a very sensitive scalp and I can’t care for it as much as before. 174 more words



Seven days of love,
That was all we had,
And that was ages ago.
Yet I cherish them even today,
And have never been fonder of anything else, 102 more words