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Can't Stop Staring or What? (Part 1)

“There is this boy in class, he stares at Anannya Kapur all the time man!”

“Anan.. who?”

“The smart ass wannabe nerd that took up DIP (Digital Signal Processing) during sixth sem…? 746 more words

How to boost your confidence!

Now this is a subject I know most of us wish we had a quick fix too I’m sure. There has been so many times I wish I had more confidence in myself to do things. 378 more words

Hidden Passions inside a Quiet Mind

Personally, 18 year old Sydney is a relatively quiet young lady that keeps to herself, but when it comes to putting pen to paper she comes to life. 99 more words


The Saga Continues

I have been called many things on this Camino.

“The Canadian” ” the writer” “the guy with the big stick”

I’ve been called “angel” and “man of desires”. 313 more words


A slip of the tongue reveals my Oedipus complex?

A few days ago I had to take my mother’s car to be serviced. Now for most people this isn’t such a big deal. But from someone who has some social anxiety (or maybe just shy) it can be a little more difficult. 664 more words



baby rubber duck

This is the “shy” duck.  I’ve been trying to coax him out of the bathtub for a week.  Finally, he consented to having his picture taken.   58 more words

Rubber Ducks

Your Man Wants A Prostate Massage But Is To Shy To Ask You For One

Men are using prostate massage for pleasure and for health reasons. Many men perform this therapy by themselves, but often a man will have his partner do it for him or have a professional therapist perform prostate massage therapy on him. 50 more words