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I Don't Understand You

Why do guys talk to me?
My boyfriend thinks they are flirting.
I think they are just being nice.
“I’m a guy- I know these things.” 168 more words


I'm feeling him...........

Have you met someone and they just do it for you? You don’t even want or need to meet anyone else. This guy.. been knowing him for a while. 139 more words

Don't Take My Silence Personally

I cut her hair every two months,
The same appointment, the seat,
And once she has washed her hair and sat,
I try once again to engage in chat. 125 more words


The Art of Loving your Awkward Self

Sitting in a room with around 200 people who do not want to be there just as much as you is, at the very least, uncomfortable. 300 more words


As we go into this next school year I have one specific prayer request. Something that I write about frequently. Something that I pray for others and myself for quite often. 1,002 more words

The Lizard Defeating The Giant?!?

LOGIC. That thing that goes out the window when we allow fear to consume us. I’m sure we all can attest to that, right? 513 more words

Im-power Me