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The Shy One

I’m the life of the party, the girl with the jokes. I’m the one who keeps the conversation going but I’m actually really shy.

The first time I realized I was shy was when I was around seven. 413 more words

The înger

My Darling Angel

Last Wednesday I made a new friend. By friend, I mean that I logged into a webcam model site and started chatting to a very nice girl who happens to be a webcam model and that I liked her quite a bit haha. 415 more words



My stomach dropped further than it had before. The family Honda van that had been my childhood transport was now carrying the few possessions I needed to start a new chapter after just eighteen years of life. 327 more words


You are never shy or timid when an Inspiration is guiding you! :)

You are never shy or timid when an Inspiration is guiding you. You become bold and daring…spontaneous! :) Nothing can stop you. The Love, the Force that is driving you feels bigger than you! 74 more words

My 2014 Aha-Moments

Trailer Persona 5 - Reveal Trailer

Written by Twisted Ideas

Finally the long awaited Persona 5 has a trailer. Not much is shown in the trailer but it will be released on the PS3 and PS4 in 2015 for Japan and hopefully North America as well. 18 more words


Fewer pictures, more writing...

Before I moved down here I had this idealistic intention to document the move and the first few months as a record for myself (and a way of forcing myself to write in complete sentences… funny how you stop doing that after you leave school!). 487 more words


The incredibly boring backstory of how i met the boy i was supposed to take to Trish's party

It was a normal day at the bookstore where I worked part time for a period in my varsity career. A day like no other, perhaps, although I do remember there being a lot of shelving to be done. 1,725 more words