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Is Your Circle the Cause of your Career Flatline?

Identifying Friends and Foes in Your Current Circle

It’s easy to label every critic a hater, every cheerleader a supporter. But how does the new entrepreneur truly differentiate between the two? 749 more words

Dream Creator

The Joy of Meeting New People

Growing up, I have always been considered a shy person. I almost never spoke up in class and I was called the quiet type from my friends and teachers. 577 more words

Things Awkward and Introverted People do at Work

If you are anything like me, you’ve had at least one or two awkward moments. *cringe*

1.The Wait: So you’re coworker goes to have lunch in the common kitchen you share and now you have to wait 30 minutes for them to finish and then an extra 10 minutes to eat while your stomach begs for release from the vicious grip of starvation. 86 more words

Just Life

Everyone is Broken

I usually hide behind words and masks of how I wish to appear, but today I decided to break down a wall. I never saw myself as someone that was bullied until the other day I saw a… 657 more words

Seven wonders of flower love

the rose never knew which petal would be caressed

one petal got caressed, the other petal sad
the other petal felt the lips, the third petal shy… 25 more words


Today, my thoughts actually woke me up from a dream… and went straight into my thinking about my habitual patterns.

A former school-mate has been facebook messaging me. 488 more words


Update: Sexy Time With South America

I know what you are thinking. I cancelled. Not this time, I am going to do it! Pun; intended :)

But all the plans I had organized failed because I didn’t get the proper timing, been so busy at work that it took my head out of the game and I messed the plans up. 64 more words