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29th September 1660. Usury.

As they were banned from entering most other professions, Jews, in Britain, soon constituted the majority in the trade of money-lending (usury) until their expulsion under Edward I. 473 more words


Double standard, much? Palin pummeled for WH address gaffe; Teflon Biden skates

Here we go:

Palin gets the White house’s address wrong. says 1400 Pennsylvania Ave

— Sam Stein (@samsteinhp) September 26, 2014

should’ve been VP RT @samsteinhp…

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Act Four, Scene One (Part Two)

In a million years I never would have imagined today turning out as it did. I am ruined, completely and utterly ruined. I guess that my fate will always be held in the hands of the Christians as they seem to permanently work to undermine and harm me – though I am one of them now. 476 more words


Act Four, Scene One (Part One)

We are currently taking a short break from the courtroom to wait for a man by the name of Dr. Bellario to arrive. I have had to put up quite a fight, but everybody knows that I am entitled to that pound of flesh. 203 more words


Act Three, Scene Three

We went to the jailer today and I confronted Antonio for the first time. Of course he tried to beg me for mercy, but I am getting my bond as promised. 53 more words


Act Three, Scene One

My daughter! Oh my daughter has abandoned me and taken all of my jewels with her. She showed no mercy on me, it was as if she purposely tried to rip my heart from my chest. 433 more words


Act Two, Scene Five

I had the most unsettling dream last night. I was tossing and turning for hours with the thoughts of moneybags in my head. I’m so nervous because I just know that something terrible is going to happen. 208 more words