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34. The Bard of Avon

Whenever the study of literature is broached in conversation, the name ‘Shakespeare’ is almost always mentioned in the same breath. His name is synonymous with wit, culture and general eloquence. 1,395 more words


Am I Human?

Last night I saw The Imitation Game.

It was good, although, as I always do, there were a few little quibbles that I’ll debate with my friends and family.   439 more words


Five Poems by Joseph Mills

Poetry by Joseph Mills

Enter Shylock

He’s become so annoyed by the title
he no longer says it in conversation.
Instead he talks about “the show” 656 more words

Catch & Release

A pound of flesh

A reborn story. I wanted it to be up here by itself, rather than submerge it within another. Give it its own legs to walk on, so to speak. 807 more words

The Long And The Short Of It

Tell The Shylocks To Take This Job & $hove It!


Well the Scheisty Shylocks are back to their old Middle Age need to be Lords over the rest of us Perceived Goy Serfs. One cannot even be ‘on the dole’ anymore without some Shylock trying to lord over you. 30 more words

The Merchant of Venice: Did You Know...?

In preparation for Press Night, we’re brushing up on our Shakespearean trivia. Associate Director Lisa Blair has kindly collected some facts for you to impress your theatre-going companions with. 320 more words

Rupert Goold