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The Merchant of Venice II- Act 2


(A street in Venice)

Enter Shylock, Salerio and Solanio



Behold the new Christian,

Walks the streets of Venice wearing his old Jewish clothes. 4,544 more words

Mustafa Adel

Duping the machine - the cunning malware that throws off researchers

The exponential explosion of malware in recent years has seen the rise of automated analysis environments – or “Sandboxes” – as an essential means of providing detailed and pertinent information about a sample, in a timely manner. 268 more words


Shylock after the Trial (Sir John Gilbert, 1873, Steel Engraving, The Art Journal)

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From a pile of prints and newspapers I picked up in Spitafields market.


Labour's Steve Gibson - prize arse

There are silver linings to everything, even terrible poll results. On the one hand, Labour’s polling is so bad that 30% is now considered a good result. 582 more words


Quote of the Day

vaj maHvaD prick SoH, wej regh maH? vaj maH qotlh SoH, Delbogh mu’tlhegh Haghbe’ maH? vaj maHvaD tar SoH, wej Hegh maH? ‘ej vaj maHvaD ruvvam nge’ta’ SoH, vaj not vIHoH’a’ maH?

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S02 E08: Motorbike Diaries part 2, Another Twist and other stories

December 2013:

In spite of her misgivings, Madam has been enjoying the bike ride. Chef is happy too, at finally getting these precious moments alone with the one and only object of his affections. 2,692 more words

Augmented Reality

Training Bra

Middle school awkwardness has nothing on the post-grad awkward phase. The biggest struggles in middle school were trying to fill in an A-cup and not being completely socially awkward. 317 more words