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Finishing up the engraved score step 3: Pagination and Page Turns

With pagination we mean dividing the music on the pages in a way that the music is easy readable, looks good on paper and where the last bar on every page, if possible, has a rest so the player has a free hand to turn the page, called a Page Turn. 1,801 more words


Finishing up the engraved score step 2: Cue Notes

When there are too many bars in a row with rests, it’s easy for a player to become lost. Therefor as a rule, when there are more than four bars of rests in a part, you should create cue notes. 758 more words


Soft and Bloated: Segerstam's First Sibelius Cycle


  • Album name:  Sibelius:  The Symphonies
  • Performers:  Leif Segerstam (conductor);  Danish National Symphony Orchestra
  • Label:  Brilliant Classics 8867
  • Sonics:  Stereo DDD
  • Total playing time:  4:45:15…
  • 365 more words

Finishing up the engraved score: House styles part 5

1e: Exporting and importing the house style

Now we have the score layout the way the publisher wants it, we can export it as a house style. 588 more words


Liam's Mail

I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the last new item from what has been a fairly productive summer musically.

After you listen, you will not be surprised to find this track is a tribute to the Allman Brothers Band — especially their instrumental jams. 58 more words


Finishing up the engraved score: House styles part 4

1d: Adjusting the text format and position

Now the text is placed in the score, all we need to do is to give it the correct format and position according to the publisher’s wishes. 1,334 more words


I hate midi recordings

I do have a level of understanding for this, and this is by no means an attack on any composers, but it really aggravates me to see composers advertise their own music with midi recordings. 387 more words