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Received from Russia

A new postcard in through Postcrossing!

This one comes from Siberia, where the sender tells me that the first snow of the season has already happened, as of October 9! 61 more words

The River

Vladimir sat on the bank of the river remembering his brother Alexandre. He had dreamed the night before, that they were fishing together on the far away Volga. 846 more words

Soviet Union


Snow-cover on October 28, available at Rutgers site at:  http://climate.rutgers.edu/snowcover/chart_daily.php?ui_year=2014&ui_day=301&ui_set=0

Snow-cover on Oct 28, available from NOAA site at:  http://www.natice.noaa.gov/pub/ims/ims_gif/ARCHIVE/NHem/2014/ims2014301.gif

Over on his excellent blog at Weatherbell, Joe Bastardi today noted that we are now up among the top three on terms of world-wide snow-cover, at this date, early in the season. 275 more words

Arctic Sea Ice

13. “I don't want to alarm you … there's another you!” Anastasia.

Many years ago, long before the concept of parallel lives was commonly discussed, Phyllis said to me one day “I don’t want to alarm you but God is saying that you have another body upon the Earth – there’s another you!” Of course at the time I visualised it as someone looking like me etc – what was being unravelled about life was getting stranger all the time – so why not this! 599 more words


The high pressure that was lingering over the Pole, and making things look a little like a textbook “Polar Cell” (which in theory would be like a Hadley Cell or Ferrel Cell), is sagging south over Siberia, and debunking theory once again.   587 more words

Arctic Sea Ice

Is this the world's oldest secret code?

When I was a child I would often sit and doodle, drawing interconnected geometric shapes, zig-zags and squiggles, until I had filled an entire sheet of paper with amazingly intricate patterns.   113 more words