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Day by Day on the Trans-Siberian: Moscow to Beijing

So there I was, standing on a freezing train platform in Moscow, awaiting the famous Trans-Siberian train, wondering how the hell I got there in my life, a priceless feeling that hits you every now and then when travelling. 1,864 more words


Being Alone

While I wrote about the Apollo 17 mission the other day, I thought about command pilot Ronald Evans, the astronaut who was left behind in lunar orbit while his partners decended to the surface of the Moon.  1,060 more words

Cultural Highlights

Frozen Siberia

This photo was taken by my husband on a trip out to a remote location in Siberia this past January. I adore the pastel hues, textures, and subtle differences of whiteness in the barren, snow-filled landscape.

Janel H.


LIGHTS | The Greatest Hits Artwork

Artwork for a greatest hits album of the Canadian singer, Lights Bokan featuring music from her three studio albums, The Listening (2009), Siberia (2011) and Little Machines (2014). 53 more words


ARCTIC SEA-ICE RECOVERY —The usual but different---

Since I last focused on this subject back on November 29, the sea-ice has continued its usual amazing increase, a tripling and even quadrupling which happens every year, and in some ways is ho-hum news.   2,010 more words

Global Warming

The Pearl of Siberia: Lake Baikal

No doubt. One of the most beautiful places in Russia is Lake Baikal, also known as the ‘Pearl of Siberia’. Besides a breathtaking place to visit, thanks to the mighty mountains surrounding it, the water of this lake is chrystal clear and… also drinkable. 208 more words

Open Russia 4U

A few tips to successfully create your own Lenin statue – and avoid the gulag.

Each town used to have its own Lenin statue in the USSR. Depending on how long the umbilical cord with Moscow was, the newly independent formerly Sovietic Republics were more or less speedy in dismantling their Lenins. 735 more words