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The Russian Empire in Siberia

Look at the picture below, and you’ll see that Ermak was the conqueror of Siberia. Although much of his life is shrouded in mystery, and he became the subject of nationalist myths in the decades before 1917, we think that he crossed the Irtush River and defeated Khan Kuchum in October 1582. 305 more words

Wondering Jews come home.

 ”The Jews of Birobidzhan”, ”Calling Israel!” ”Calling Israel!”….”A calling to all Jews….While all our  Jews globally wolf cry a failing ‘Ho£o’cau$™®©‘ lament of victim hud, we still have plenty of room here in  1,740 more words

Political Correctness

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Express Yourself.”

A giant Lenin head in the middle of a public square? It would be a crime to walk by without making a few jokes en route.

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To Siberia for Pizza

My traveling companion and I started planning our next adventure. Mauritania was on the table, as was a brief discussion of Egypt. We wanted to combine where ever we went with a unorthodox trip to France. 334 more words


Remember Tunguska ?

In 1908 a large asteroid managed to fully penetrate the Earth’s atmosphere, exploding a few kilometers from the surface, in today Krasnoyarsk territory. And the name of that event rightly entered the annals of history – Tunguska, the name of the river near which it occurred. 373 more words


On The Way To Siberia

Photo Taken: Airport stop on the way to Siberia. Flying by plane is a much less exciting way of getting around than flying reindeer.

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