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The Pursuing God (Galatians 4:4-5)

Pastor Tim Keller of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan rightly observes that Christianity is unique among all religions for it is about God’s pursuit of us to draw us to Himself. 140 more words


Which Way Would You Go?

Sometimes I just don’t understand what to do. Is what I am feeling wrong or justified?

I had a dream last night with brother J the one who raped me. 386 more words

Home Skillet

Ever since Al passed I have seemed or felt at a loss. Ever feel like that? I see that I am improving on my hurting heart area, but still, there is a sense of I don’t know where I belong. 349 more words


1975-The Year My Brother and I Ruined Christmas

Christmas Eve finally arrives. Tony is seven, and I am five. We beg my father and stepmother Vickie to let us open just one gift before going to bed, but they won’t relent. 709 more words


Christmas with a difference

I have never been apprehensive about Christmas before. Probably not surprising really, as for 26 years it has pretty much been the same tradition. I go to my mum’s house. 328 more words



Mom and Dad married on this date,
I’m not sure of the year.
1958 or 59? Maybe ’60?
I wasn’t very old when Daddy said he did… 90 more words