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Big Brother Bear

Brother, brother, our lovely brother…

First born to our dearest Mother;

You are so humble,

So kind and so pure;

Your heart is golden,

Of this I am sure. 54 more words


Updates on the Kiddos

My, oh my the kids are growing up WAY too fast.

Kyrie is obsessed with her brother and loves to play whatever he is playing (which drives him CRAZY!) She thinks every animal either says “moo” or “arf” and will randomly start acting like a dog, down to barking out the window. 265 more words


You know you have a large family when...

- Your family car resembles a small bus or when it can be referred to as ‘a people mover’

- All your family members are not covered by a ‘family pass’ at public events and you have to pay for two family tickets… 157 more words

Cheaper By The Dozen

Being an older sibling!!

Is anyone out there that’s an older sibling?? Aren’t you sick and tired of being blamed for their mistakes? Because I know I am!!! I have a younger sister and she gets on my last nerves. 104 more words


Broken love, broken life

Its been so long since I’ve seen him, I can’t even remember what he looks like. All I can remember is the way he would hug me. 435 more words


a fight with my sister when she was 13

get out of my ROOM
you’re so weird
she’s so weird.
what do you want

Can we make cookies?
That’s my diary STOP… 55 more words