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Ancient Sicilian Whole Wheat Bread

Quick post today, since I won’t be reciting the recipe.  I stumbled upon the recipe in one of the bread-baking groups. It picked my interest primarily because it only uses whole wheat and nothing else. 208 more words

Wild Sourdough

Sicilian Chicken Salad

Let’s face it. No one wants to cook in the heat of summer. Lately I’ve been experimenting with chicken salad. I’ve ditched the mayo and added a ton of flavor with ingredients I had on hand. 111 more words


Swordfish Breaded Palermo Style

For me, one of the most attractive characteristics of Italian cooking has always been its simplicity–its recipes with minimal ingredients and simple preparation. As I child, I used to watch my mother and aunt in the kitchen turn out multi-course dinners for us, night after night, without breaking a sweat. 404 more words


Sicilian-Style Roasted Chicken

We also called this chicken “Italian-style” when I was growing up (even tho everything was Italian-style…except for the occasional hot dogs and even Italians like hot dogs). 279 more words


My face when... (fill in the blank)

 Hello my lovely people :D

  Meet Sicilian, a very cool feral cat that decided he wanted to be our friend. He’s been roaming around our house for more than 2 years now and he always wants to be petted. 68 more words



…original thinkers…

jinxx xoxo

…my sicilian ancestors who taught me well…

Magickal Arts

On My Mother's Side, poetry by pd lyons

On My Mother’s Side

My mother never told me
The one thing I’d ‘a listened to most.
Diagnosed with cancer (7 years before it killed her.) 131 more words