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A little wish

While I was dying of my minor ebola case last Friday night. I heard both the Mr and our oldest feeling for me. I woke up every 30 minutes to rejoin the bathroom. 87 more words



Lilla Nelly har blivit förkyld! Åh min lilla söta! Förmiddagen gick bra vi var på Frölunda torg och Nelly sov enhet var vaken och nöjd. Det var när vi kom hem som det slog till på riktigt. 160 more words



That’s me. I’m sick. I have a stupid sinus infection and I just want to sleep for days but I can’t because a) I have classes and b) I am 99.9% sure I have sleep apnea which makes it impossible for me to get to a deep sleep so I am always tired no matter how long I sleep. 36 more words


Looking Dumb

Learning is hard—and humbling.  When we’re kids, we are learning all the time—how to read, how to ride a bike, how to swim, how to play the piano.  626 more words

From Us To You

Jimmy Dean

Jimmy Dean breakfasts are actually quite good when you are home sick for the weekend.

WBC 2.39 - Getting Back Into Somewhat of a Routine

So it feels as if the last few months have been crazy. Obviously having a new child defaults to causing that, but it just seems like a lot has been going on and Jen and I, NOW, are starting to get into a little more of a routine again. 495 more words

Blog Challenge

A Story About A Girl Named Anne <3

This post is purely for my girl, Anne who threw up on a Tuk Tuk.  One of a kind experience for sure.  I threw up in Central Park, Megan threw up in Union Square, and Anne, my new favorite human being threw up on a Tuk Tuk while in motion. 667 more words