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No episode this week!

Whatever this cold is has now migrated to my chest, so instead of having a sexy, raspy voice like I was hoping for this week’s episode, I just kind of sound like a heavy smoker. 19 more words

Under the Weather

Janey’s feeling not-so-hot today, regardless of what JD says.

She’s at work anyway – no rest for the wicked or whatever.  There may be time later on for her to check back here but only time will tell.   21 more words


Summer Falls

Go ahead Day, go and get up
Would you care if I stay behind, please?
My muscles are stiff, head’s stone heavy
Must be Autumns gift I’ve received… 130 more words


Six sick weeks

Over the course of the past six weeks, I’ve been sick.

I wish that was an exaggeration, but it’s not. There was tonsillitis, a calf injury, the tonsillitis repeat, an unfortunate yeasty new acquaintance, and then an unknown but total bitch of a virus, crossing over the “bad cold” line but not quite reaching “flu” territory.  197 more words


Weather Change

I am convinced that everyone is getting sick from kids going back to school and the weather changing here.  I still hate it – even though my anxiety revolves around vomiting, I still get worried when I am sick.  214 more words



I am currently ill. I have the flu which has meant that for the last 4 days I have had the icy cold feeling of my body heating itself like a builders sweaty arse crack. 50 more words


The day my life was turned upside down...

4 September 2014 So i’m Lisa and I have a good happy lifestyle, living with my husband and having a massive family and great friends, and colleagues.   530 more words