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My hidden life; The life of a sick girl.

I am sick and tired of hiding, I can’t hide almost 13 years of lies anymore, do you know what it’s like to have a completely seperate life from the one you are portraying to the world? 722 more words


Love in the time of......Measles?

I just read where the Superbowl is going to have student doctors on site to monitor the crowds for anyone with signs of measles.

Smart or Scary? 136 more words


Anniversary and Feeling Sick

Hello, Lovelies!

Yesterday was my one year anniversary on WordPress! Yay! I cannot believe it has been a year already. I may not post overly often, but I’m still here and I’m glad. 597 more words

Dosage Chart

Because it’s that time of the year, all of our little babies are getting sick. I know it can be frustrating having to google or research how much medication to give your baby or toddler. 30 more words


Snow Makes People Crazy As Sh*t

As of about 9:30 last night, we officially have a single lane road! 


That was quite possibly the longest three days of my life (and I have had some LOOONNNGGG days). 169 more words

Word Vomit


Stop your thoughts from affecting you physically.

My poor little guy's sick

Our almost 3 year old is on day 4 of being sick. Yesterday was the worst yet. His temp was 104.1 at the highest 😳 we started pumping him with Pedialyte and switching between children’s Tylenol and Motrin… 57 more words