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After the blood test
you cradle my head
in the nook of you elbow,
promise you’re not sick
and run your fingers through
my thinning hair. 249 more words


Gopher Attack Half Marathon

Happy Easter! Wow! We did it. The first half marathon of the year has finally come, and passed. Grey Robin, G and I travelled to Regina on thursday afternoon to prepare for our race the next day. 305 more words

Beware! The Plague!

Last week we had our first bout of the flu since The Munchkin was born. The Husband was Patient 0. He was down and out so I had to try to work from home so he could rest and let those wonderful flu meds do their thing. 350 more words


Selfie a day - day 8

Eugh! This selfie is the aftermath from last nights drinking. The drinking was because next week, Pikachu is leaving our town for a job about an hour away :-( 163 more words

Feeling sick

Recently I’ve felt very dizzy and tired and I’ve been getting headaches, nausea and I’m not hungry at all.

This is strange for me. It’s actually a little concerning. 20 more words

Honoring Loved Ones

A couple weeks ago,  my family received some incredibly shocking news. My 68 year old grandmother, who has ate healthy, stayed active, and never smoked, has been battling breast cancer, alone, for a little over half a year. 246 more words

The meanest thing


I remember very little of that day, nearly nine months ago, when I received, what would be, the last email Liam would ever send me … It was July 22nd 2013. 546 more words