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Time to feel better

So the sickness bugs have hit the house. I’m hoping it will not be the first of many.

The book I’m currently reading is fault in our stars by John green thank you to my niece Heidi for lending it to me. 137 more words

Healing Thoughts

   Your belief system is critical because either you believe you were designed to be healthy or you believe that you were designed to be ill. I have had patients for many years who believed that having a headache every day and taking a 2 nurofens for that afternoon headache was normal. 244 more words

To Be Honest...

(That self-centered, whiny post that I promised not to publish? Yeah… this is it. You’ve been warned.)

I’ve been in bed since 6:00 pm. Going back and forth between catching up on some favorite blogs, eating the messy buritto-ish thing I made (with some help from mom) for dinner, and writing in a prayer journal… trying hard to trust. 394 more words


ill Priorities

Let me tell you a story about priorities. I’ll probably tell you a bunch of stories on priorities being fucked up, but for now the ice maker is a good start. 363 more words


On being sick and in college

Being sick while at college is one of the most frustrating things a young person at the ripe age of 21 can experience. On one hand, I’ve been living out of my parents house for over three years so you’d think that I should know how to deal with this by now. 502 more words


Broken World


We all want to turn away from anything that reveals the failure, pain, sickness and death beneath the brightly painted surface of our ordered lives. 94 more words


Can't go over it, can't go under it--ya gotta go through the door

My toes haven’t been in the dirt lately, as I’ve taken to wearing shoes when I go out there, but I do still have slightly dirty fingernails. 814 more words

Education And Schooling