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Qrandom Battle On

It’s upon realization of the fragility of human body, we began to see the expected break down that challenged our immune system. We strived too hard, depriving us from precious sleep, overstrained our mental ability, thus, we feel the silent crash and now we fight a different battle.


When all has gone Quiet.


No excitement
Nor anger
No love
Nor boredom

Emotionally quiet
Uneasy silence

Maybe this is freedom
A place of choice
How do I feel?


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A reblog expressing perfectly how I have felt lately!

Fifty Three

She had been awake for three days, and seen the sun rise in three different ways.
In seventy-two hours she had become a negative of herself. 78 more words

Everything I wanted and I just feel like crying

Warning: self-pity post

I want to start by saying I’m almost certain that everything I write here will relate to someone somewhere, and that I’m not unique in any regards with what I’m feeling. 442 more words

Me, Myself And My Confusion

~Short Story Contest Looser~ Stories of a solo traveller

~A Mysterious Pill~

I gripped the dirty rope swing and inched my toes to the edge of the wooden platform. I closed my eyes and jumped, wrapping my legs around the rope. 1,555 more words

Short Stories

Thoughts from the chemo room

Just thought I’d share part of a recent journal entry . . .

I’m in the chemo room, having rust-red iron drip into my veins, feeling woozy from the medicine injected beforehand, and looking around at those having chemo. 836 more words


I’m Alive!

A great author once said, “The report of my death was an exaggeration.” Today I would like to echo that sentiment by simply saying, “Guess what?  I’m alive!” 219 more words