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The Sickness

When I look into your eyes,
Love is far from my mind,
We’re both living in lies,
And we’re already dead.

The love we once shared, 81 more words


Day 23 1/2, Day 24 and 25: Work, Sickness and Food


Day 23 1/2:

The second half of today was not really my best time. I wasn’t feeling well at all and i really wanted to go home, but I stayed and fnished the shift all the way, The shift was like usual but very quiet, we had a table of 14 who we served and also a few other guests but it was really quiet, this was very unusual because i’m used to getting very many orders all the time and stressing around. 652 more words

Three Things We Prefer Not To Hear (2014)

1. Bad news.

2. Wildlife stranded.

3. Details regarding your virus.

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Truth to tell-

Glad you’re now well.


I Know Someone Who Has Been Very Sick.........

I know someone who has been very sick. She is getting better, but it will take her some time to get over this illness. I have been worried, and praying. 202 more words


Day forty eight.

Still sick & on my own.

No work tomorrow either. “Take care of yourself, Clarence”. Okay. I may try.

God bless bananas. It’s my third since yesterday. 25 more words

Avoiding the dreaded finals sickness

By Danika Worthington

It can be as simple as a sneeze and all of a sudden you are stuck in bed coughing up a lung and feeling like the world has forsaken you. 696 more words

Healthy Living

Inspirational quotes


“The causes that lie behind much sickness and human suffering are short-sightedness and greed. Health for all can be achieved only through the organized demand by people for greater equality in terms of land, water, services, and basic rights. 73 more words