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I kind of hate to admit it, but the meds are working (which means that after all, there is something wrong with me). Or, I might be heading towards the manic state of being, I find myself laughing all the time, talking all the time (mostly about nonsense) but then again, I am very organized now and know what I have to do = accomplish more things and am more productive. 175 more words


Life in the slow lane

November has been a hard month for illness in the house.  I’m now sick again & on antibiotics for 10 day’s.

So my day started with a visit to my Doctor, this is a time consuming experience here as this Dr does not take appointments, you turn up, ask the entire waiting room who was the last person to arrive, take note of who they are and wait your turn to go in to see the Dr.   443 more words

How it Feels to be the Sick Man - Coping with Chronic Illness

Chronic illness or a disability is something that will forever change and shape your life on a daily basis.

We deal with the symptoms so long, we eventually learn to cope with them, and to work our life around them. 1,144 more words

Chronic Disease

While flying from Chicago to Puerto Vallarta, a Medical Emergency at 40,000 Feet

The idea of getting sick on an airplane is terrifying. But yesterday, United flight 558 from Chicago to Puerto Vallarta, it seemed as though outside of a hospital, it may have been the best place to be. 840 more words


Be Strong My Dear

Be strong my dear daughter, even if you are sick and looking very weak.

Mommy is here for you and I will do my best to be with you so. 211 more words


Poorly sick girl wants her Mummy (phew).

Whirling Dervish has caught a D&V bug off her Granddad (who was very poorly at the weekend).

The poor little mite gets very distressed when she’s actually sick, so I feel very very sorry for her. 321 more words

Snow Day in November?

The meteorologists have been predicting some strange and crazy weather of late.  Yesterday temperatures were in the mid 70’s and tied a record for the warmest day in November set back in the 50’s.   128 more words

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