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What is gumption & where do you get it?

I would like to talk about something today, that some people may not want to hear.  Before you stop reading all together, it does not have anything to do with blood, guts, or anything you might have to squint your eyes, just to look at it.  925 more words


So Far, So...

I wrote this post a while ago, introducing the fact that my dad has Parkinson’s. At that time, it had been slow going. A few dizzy spells, a little confusion, tripping up the steps every once in a blue moon. 565 more words


Day Thirty Four and Thirty Five

Hello loves,

Sorry I was not able to write “on time” for yesterday, but I was sick :(. Being sick is actually the worst; I miss my workouts, my friends, and act like a hermit. 479 more words


Crying over Nothing...Except Everything

“Jesus, I’m scared to shower again and have more hair fall out,” I prayed in my mind while I blinked back tears. Showers are always the worst- I lose hair by the handfuls. 409 more words

Casey Walker

Cancer scares

There have been a lot of my family members recently and past who have had to battle cancer in various forms. I had an issue recently where my only options if it were serious were cancer or a benign cyst. 435 more words

Psalm 41-43; Acts 24

Paul is brought before the governor with the charges against him. He is put in prison where he is given the opportunity to share the Gospel. 403 more words

66 Books

The Daggum Head-cold, and My Theory

I’ve had this annoying cold the past few days. It started with a scratchy throat and sneezing, which lead to a stuffy head, swollen throat, and runny nose. 628 more words