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I Love Working

I’m hoping work goes by smoothly. I shouldn’t have taken a week off. I had to though. I’m a lot more stable now than I was last week too. 72 more words



I have Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). I don’t look sick and have learned to hide it when in the company of others but please understand there isn’t a moment that it’s not affecting me, it’s unrelenting. 1,215 more words


Paris - Day 6

This far into the trip, my sleep schedule has gone completely off the rails. With the time shift, the light blocking curtains and downtime from illness have rendered my body completely incapable of telling whether it’s day or night. 2,057 more words


Yearly Photo-op (Or Not)

Every year, I take the girls to a cheap department store portrait studio for pictures. Something to document how much they’ve changed each year. I figure I’ll continue this until they start school and get yearly photos done there. 332 more words


Today is your day...

Recently I saw my GP yet again to discuss my symptoms any changes etc. and be sent for more testing. Only to have symptoms ignored, and a doctor telling me she didn’t know what to do for me. 365 more words

Chronic Illness

The sanctuary of home

His wrinkled skin hangs against
The crispness of the sheets
No decadent surroundings
The darkness of the frosted morning
Blanketed by cotton drapes
Connected to wires that… 133 more words



This is not a self-pity post.

Just laying my heart out for the rays of the Son to heal.

Is it just me or does anyone else feel that sometimes blogging can grieve, maybe that’s too hard a word, sadden maybe, one’s heart? 213 more words