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Mediterranean Roasted Veggies

Ok. Why does anyone ever eat steamed vegetables when roasting them is so easy and the results are tender, flavorful, caramelized deliciousness? You can roast pretty much any veggie, but this recipe is for a combination that I especially like when serving anything with a Mediterranean flare. 302 more words


Smoked corn avocado relish

I had some leftover corn on the cob from the other night. I had put 4 ears in the smoker to go with some kabobs, steaks, and potatoes. 75 more words



by Heather Harris Brady

I imagine there are lots of people who would argue that there are few foods more American than spoonbread. “George Washington ate it, it was one of Jefferson’s favorites!” I, however, would argue that spoonbread is really just a lush, well-preserved duchess in a long noble line of cornmeal-based cookery. 364 more words



I noticed Saturday, as our little posse of runners was dutifully placing left before right, and right before left (repeat x 18 miles), that Laramie seemed energized. 356 more words

The Zone

Cuban Street Corn

My dad and I discovered this gem of a recipe in the tiniest Cuban restaurant I’ve ever been to. It was also the best Cuban restaurant I’ve ever been to. 149 more words

Side Dishes

Chorizo and Onion Dip

I brought this to a potluck recently and it was a huge hit! It’s got a nice bit of heat from the chorizo, with the creaminess of the cheese. 172 more words

Gluten Free

The Guys at the Jameson Awards

The full photo of this is appearing in Empire Magazine’s Special Director’s Edition. I’m not too sure of Richard Armitage’s pose here, but the photo in toto is cute. 39 more words