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So Britney's releasing her own line of lingerie...

Me, upon waking up to the news that Brit Brit is going into the lingerie business:


Hands up if you can’t decide whether you think this is more hilarious or bizarre? 569 more words

Meet Remmington, Your Rump Day Host

Ah, the middle of the week once again, and another Rump Day is coming to a close- two more days ’til weekend playtime. Meanwhile, get a load of the Ear Floppage + Princess Di Side-Eye of Remmington. 18 more words

The Ballad Of Waldo Longfellow

There is a basset hound named Waldo
He loves to sleep and play
Besides those two things, he likes to eat
And that’s pretty much his day. 32 more words

(Updated!) From Any Angle---

Belle is workin’ some Major Belleh Action! It’s late, time for bed!

Belle, beds work best when you’re INSIDE them.

“Belle our Beagle/Maltese mix nicknamed Belly :)” -Christel N. 12 more words

Just 106 Days 'Til Nosevember!

“I’d love to share some pictures of my dog. I love Cute Overload for whenever I feel down..and my dog has that same effect on me, so maybe his Cute Pictures can cheer other people up too :). 32 more words

Project Posion Chalice

After working 12 hours on Sunday, and only getting 4 hours sleep, I head off to work.  The intention was to do some type of exercise before leaving the house but… you know where this is going! 186 more words

Pre-Departure Information (T-Minus 3 Days Until London)

**Disclaimer: It has been a very long time since I’ve blogged, so please disregard the suckiness of my writing. Thanks**

Before I left, this was the basic conversation that I had with every individual that was aware of my trip: 806 more words

My Adventures In London Town