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Oh The Stubby Feet Will Do Nicely, Anry

Well, well! Look what WE have in the submissions box today! Haven’t heard much lately from Kikuma & Friends, and there’s a reason for that! 49 more words

'Tocktober At The Speed Of BZZZZZZZZZZZ

“This Hummer fluffed its tail feathers at me, and then gave me The Look Of Disapproval!” -April H., Portland OR.

[*Note: With Side-Eye -Ed.]

31 Frightful Films - #3 The Eye

Last night Gunny was playing poker with the dudes, so once Allison was abed, I watched a scary movie  with my older daughter Callahan (18). Hardly anything scares her. 219 more words


"ResQte Ponies For Your Consideration!"

This might be a C.O. first. OMG Ponies!11!! + Side-Eye? Have we EVER seen this before? Borderline unheard of. Amber H., what IS going on here? 76 more words

Steve Harvey Hires Paula Deen for Mentoring Program!


An upcoming episode of Harvey’s show will feature a segment with Paula Deen and her involvement with his mentoring program.  Paula’s involvement is supposed to help aid in the guidance of youth that have taken an interest in the culinary arts.   42 more words

Word On The Streetz

New trending GIF tagged monkey gross side eye...

New trending GIF tagged monkey, gross, side eye, booger, picking via http://ift.tt/1lKUu2E

Got Watermelon?

You just have to wait for the right moment. Like when The Hoomin isn’t watching you, and isn’t on to your sneaky bag o’ Pommy Tricks. 6 more words