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Classic Side-Eye OMG Ponies!!1! BFF Action!

Earlier today, we saw BFFs Morris and Champy hanging out. Now we get a sequel of sorts! “This is Moo Pony and his new cat friend,” from Submitter Kerry D.

Lucy: "She's Back There, Isn't She."

“Roxy, 3 month old kitten, loves to terrorize her much older sister Lucy (12 year old Boston Terrier.) -Tiffany B.

Oblivia in Portlandia

I moved to Portland in 2004 and couldn’t believe I was living in the same country. Everything here was different – strange and unfamiliar.  The architecture was different, the trees, plants, culture, streets, food, clothing, everything.   594 more words

It's Personal

Friday's Five

Hey Cats!

Happy Friday! I hope those of you who went shopping yesterday survived and found something that made it worth your trip. My mom and I went to the mall, and it was like feeding time at the zoo. 721 more words

Meet Murray, The Man Of Many Moods

Murray” is absolutely the perfect name for this little maniac. Whether he’s on the slopes or sacked out after a long day of just… 41 more words

Definite Rule Of Cuteness #99 Spotted!

This is Zeus. According to Ancient Greek Mythology, Zeus is “the god of sky and thunder.” Well, I don’t know about that- but I… 13 more words