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Nosevember In Switzerland

Yesterday it was Caturday Morning in Portugal and Caturday Night in France, so today, why not have a Nosevember feature from Switzerland?

C.O.’s reach is… 71 more words

Nosevember: I Spy

“This little guy with the ‘Dorabul Button Nose is Spy. He was one of a litter of five that I whelped and raised for Cocker Spaniel Rescue of New England… 15 more words

FuBu SideEye

“This is FuBu. He is a Lionhead Bunneh, and he is amazing. Quite the beautiful bouffant, don’t you think?” -Catherine G.

Saturday Night Side-Eye

“Belle wondering what am I up to,” says Carol P. 29 more words

Presenting The Emerson Checklist

[1] Slightly furtive, furrowed brow. (Check)

[2] Side-eye. (Check)

[3]Juicy” Nosevember nose. (Check)

[4] Impossibly Cute Muzzlepowsche. (That is, a pouch where a muzzle lives.) (Check)

From Shana P.

3 Ways To Illicit Serious Side Eye From A Vegetarian

Nearly four years ago, I decided to stop eating meat.

Having never been much of a meat eater to begin with, I figured I’d hardly notice the difference. 428 more words


In The Big J: Things Are Not Always What They Seem To Be

[*Note: the premise of this post requires you to scroll -slowly- through the images. -Ed.]

To start off, you might think “Oh, this lady has a nice hairstyle.” Right? 23 more words