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Adding It Up on Offense

Everything counts. Or at least everything we can count counts.

On offense, we can currently count a lot of things, and on BBREF, they roll up under three things: 1,031 more words


The Horde at the Hot Corner

And you thought the 1970s was chock full of catchers. Wait ‘til the third basemen come parading through.

Sal Bando kicked things off in 1987, and I’ve listed the below the debut years for the horde at the hot corner along with my equivalent WAR calculations for them: 1,148 more words


Positional Talent Clusters: Johnny Bench and Friends

What happened in the late 60s and early 70s? I mean besides the acid rock, the acid itself, the grass, the hippies, the protests, Watts, the moonshot, Vietnam, Nixon, the Pentagon Papers, and Watergate. 599 more words


SIDEBAR - Night Shifts

“Gonna be a sweet sound!   Come.  In.  Down.  On the NIGHT SHIFT!!”

Ahhh … Lionel Richie couldn’t have said it any better.  We get asked about this a lot, so I thought, now – as we’re about to ease into our final night’s passage before the Keys – was as good a time as any to delve into it.   2,189 more words


Catfish and Luis, Redux

It’s pretty amazing how the sheen of “Hall of Famer” can color our perception of reality. Even while participating in this project, conducting extensive research to help determine what constitutes greatness, and having tremendous faith in the accuracy of the inputs I’ve chosen, I have a pull toward those who are already in the Hall of Fame. 871 more words


500 Homers, However You Can Get There

We talk about career records in terms of roads, paths, and journeys. But the nature of homeruns doesn’t match the metaphor. Homer hitters don’t plink along, knocking line drives through the hole to notch 3000 hits. 2,284 more words


There’s No Stats Like HOMESTATS

Miller and I love our readers. Yes, I wrote readers—there’s actually more than one person on the Interwebs who visits us, and not all of them are family members. 994 more words