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Muffin Mania Part II

My ex bf used to call me the “muffin man”, I know, how sexy! LOL but seriously, I just love making muffins. I think they are so easy and filling. 445 more words


Five Rules for Lead Characters To Live By

I want to thank Martha Ann Kennedy and her blog post “My Rules for Good Writing” for this idea. You just never know where an idea will come from. 989 more words


Wingman Wednesday

My top 8 literary wingmen:

#8 Phoebe Caulfield–> Holden Caulfield
Let’s face it, even though she was 6 years younger than her brother, she was much more mature. 467 more words

Muffin Mania Part I

OK so sometimes I buy way too many veggies in attempt to eat healthier. Now we are at that moment in which they will go bad if not consumed soon and I just cant finish all of this myself. 311 more words


Giving THE TRANSPORTER a tune-up

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THE TRANSPORTER is the break-out movie for Jason Statham, and though I am perhaps the world’s biggest fan of Jason the Statham Kicking Things in the Face, there are clunky bits rattling around in the engine compartment of this film, keeping it from true greatness. 1,378 more words

3 Tinseltown Tuesday

Short Blog Post: #24

In “The Secret Garden,” readers are first introduced to G. K. Chesterton’s shy priest, Father Brown. Father Brown is an amateur detective, if you will, that uses his divine intuition to solve crimes. 400 more words

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DISNEY INFINITY Figure 3-Pack: Sidekicks

3-Pack of Disney INFINITY Figures: the Sidekicks