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Movie review: 'Sidekicks'

As I wend my way through some research for my reviews on this blog, I come across a film I haven’t thought about in some time. 1,629 more words

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A Link for Charity

If it’s not bad enough that my pup needed surgery, Wednesday night Dasher had a seizure, during which he ripped out the interior sutures that basically hold his patella in place (it’s really holding his ligaments, which hold the patella, but I’m simplifying for brevity). 172 more words

Personal Life

Dreamers have to have Helpers

This is a Pinterest inspired rant. Yes. One of those. I came across the above quote the other day and had a knee-jerk reaction of anger. 1,108 more words

Getting Rid Of The Glitter

That Small Line

“Peter can now roll over. He has started to reach for things. He can hold a rattle and likes to sit in his infant bouncer-walker. He continues to coo and smile when talked to. 906 more words

The Brilliance of Kato

Originally posted at Comicbook.com

So like many people, I recently caught that Sony movie which stars Seth Rogen. Only it wasn’t The Interview. It was the 2011 superhero spoof known as… 408 more words


"Suddenly Salad", suddenly more delicious

In keeping with the theme of keeping it super simple (we know you’re still recovering from the holidays) here’s a way to cheat with your next lunch or dinner. 139 more words

Damn Good Dinners

Curried Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Ok so as much as I adore my freaking garlic and chive mashed potatoes and I mean freaking LOVE. How many years in a row can I make them for Thanksgiving without seeming played out? 282 more words