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Chin up Salty; We got your back.

I am a sucker for emotional marketing campaigns. I am not going to lie, if I see a sad commercial that will make me bawl my eyes out I will probably change the channel. 199 more words


My Neighbour Errol- Comfort

Okay, so this is a bit of a lie. It’s not reaaaaaallly a My Neighbour Errol. But it does involve a conversation with Errol  AND it’s about the play I wrote with him so I’m putting it under this category. 458 more words

My Neighbour Errol

Review: Sidekicks by Jack D. Ferraiolo

Batman has Robin, Wonder Woman has Wonder Girl, and Phantom Justice has Bright Boy, a.k.a. Scott Hutchinson, an ordinary schoolkid by day and a superfast, superstrong sidekick by night, fighting loyally next to his hero.

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The Best Speechless Sidekicks

“Rolling Stone” has put out a list of “The 12 Best Speechless Sidekicks”.

Who are the best SILENT sidekicks? In other words, buddy characters, who don’t say much or are totally silent. 313 more words


Live Action Teen Titans to TNT?

DC Comics Chief Creative Officer had this to share on Twitter:

If you're a TITANS and NIGHTWING fan like me you should read this: http://t.co/0cXZoRmmJJ…

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Prompt Writing: Heroes and Sidekicks


You are a superhero. Your sidekick is having an existential crisis.

“Frost? Frost, what the hell are you doing, we gotta go–“

“I can’t.” The words were barely a whisper out of his mouth. 673 more words





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