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Caribbean Coconut Rice

This simple coconut rice recipe will enhance any Caribbean meal. We love coconuts and if you do too then you will love this side dish and find yourself making it often. 123 more words


Cilantro Lime Cauliflower Rice

Summer is always a very busy time for me with out of town family visits and trips, so it’s really nice when I get to spend an entire weekend at home doing nothing. 131 more words


Sunshine Golden Beets

Summer is upon us! The sun is shining and golden beets are in season. This recipe takes the delicious golden beet, and pairs it with fresh squeezed orange juice and all spice for a burst of summer! 176 more words


Mediterranean Kamut® (Khorsan Wheat) Salad

Kamut® (Khorsan Wheat) is an ancient grain that we recently discovered at our local market. Kamut® has a rich, nutty flavor and has made us curious how it tastes in both savory and sweet dishes. 233 more words


Pan-Seared Ranch Brussels Sprouts

“Ewwww Brussels sprouts!” We probably said that as a kid at some point. We grew up in a generation that boiled their Brussels sprouts, so there’s no wonder we didn’t like them as kids! 177 more words