From Garden to Kitchen: Vege salad and Cooked Radish greens

Hi everyone! I was supposed to share with you this very simple recipe I had made several weeks ago after I did my first Spring greens harvest. 466 more words


Pear, Parma ham and blue cheese salad

I’m not an ‘order a salad in a restaurant’ kind of a girl. I rarely buy one instead of a sarnie at lunch either – I’m just not into salads for mains. 247 more words


Simple Homemade Vinaigrette

One of the more healthy salad dressings out there is the vinaigrette.  What I love about mixing my own vinaigrette is it’s easy to make (made with mainly oil and vinegar), it’s a healthy and delicious addition to my salads, and I can control the ingredients going into it.   281 more words


Home-made chunky salsa

Salsa and guacamole and yoghurt dip are things we usually just buy in a tub but I find it never tastes quite how I like it and it’s jam-packed with salts and general badness. 72 more words

Sides & Sauces