Sneak Peak of Spring - Dallas Farmers' Market

If you’re from Dallas, or have ever lived in North Texas, you will know that winter is the most finicky of seasons. On Friday Mother Nature has everyone layered up and in boots but by Sunday you’re lucky to find an empty patio table for brunch. 587 more words

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Chicken korma curry from scratch

Chopping onions and garlic and then adding them to a combination of chicken and shop-bought curry sauce or paste and chopped tomatoes, is great. But it’s not cooking a curry from scratch. 504 more words


Savory Holiday Gravy

Here is a simple gravy recipe that goes with your yummy holiday roast.

Classification: vegan. vegetarian, can be wheat free and gluten free

INGREDIENTS: … 134 more words

Sides & Sauces

Healthy Holiday Roast

To my dear friends who asked me for the vegan holiday roast I’ve made on Thanksgiving Day, here it is! This is actually my modified recipe of Holiday Roast from Vegan Flavorista blog. 652 more words