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Bayi Mati Mendadak

Sindroma Bayi Mati Mendadak/Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

Banyak ibu ketakutan menyusui bayi dengan posisi berbaring miring karena takut bayi meninggal. Sedangkan posisi menyusui berbaring miring justru memudahkan hidup ibu yang baru melahirkan. 593 more words

Kesehatan Anak

CDC, SIDS, and Anti-Vaccine Stupidity

A new article published by scientists for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has been flagged by anti-vaccine advocates for being proof that vaccines are linked to sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). 1,367 more words

16 weeks

It has been a long time since I have posted.  I am now 16 1/2 weeks pregnant.  I have found out through testing that we are having a baby boy! 477 more words


The Undying Pain

It was Wednesday afternoon on November 4, 2010 when I was about to get to my parents house with my almost 2 month old son. We were about to stay there for 2 days, so that I could catch enough sleep after having almost 4 days of not having a straight one. 369 more words


Can We Please Tone Down the Rhetoric?

You’ve probably seen the stories by now: Measles outbreak at Disneyland! Throw anti-vax parents in jail! Ban unvaccinated children from schools, parks, and stores! Force mass vaccination on everyone! 2,215 more words

Caribbean Energy Summit 2015: US Announce Investments in Energy Security for Caribbean Countries During First-Ever DC Summit

The Obama administration recently hosted the first Caribbean Energy Security Summit to support the region's improved governance, access to finance and increased donor coordination for the energy sector. 448 more words


Breast Decision I Ever Made...

For something that seems so natural, breastfeeding sure can get controversial. There are extremists out there. I’m amazed by the people that take offense to women breastfeeding in public, yet I ponder the idea of a four year old still being breastfed. 1,302 more words

Baby Bell