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Breaking news: masked gunmen seen entering the Granary, siege underway.

This just in:

At 9.35 this morning two masked men apparently brandishing M16 assault rifles were seen by local nosey sod Graham Awnty.

9.38, shots were heard from inside the Granary and police are apparently on their way once they’ve finished their donuts… 2,498 more words


'Kosher Supermarket Hero' Rewarded With French Citizenship


Lassana Bathily has been described as the hero of the Kosher supermarket siege.

He saved lives during the hostage drama by hiding shoppers in a freezer when a gunman stormed the building. 25 more words


Mike Merryman-Lotze speaks out about Israel's punishing blockade of Gaza

I’m publishing a post from Mike Merryman-Lotze that I found especially insightful and informative.  He provides a cogent response to those who support Israel’s 8-year siege and blockade of Gaza. 1,137 more words


We need to defeat extremist terrorism. But are we doing it the right way?

This article appears in the online newspaper “The Conversation” here.

I learned a number of lessons about Islam in Peshawar, Pakistan. I, as a senior UN official, had arrived in the country within 24 hours of the massive earthquake that had struck in October 2005. 1,058 more words

Daily Dialogue: TO WAR!!

Through the chaos and battlefield of my mind, two women rant and rave and carry on for forty minutes.

Queen Bathory
What of our forces in the west? 795 more words


Happy Birthday SS!!

To my darling boy Sammy (aka Senior Sarge)

Well, my darling. Today you turn 14. 14!!!!!!Where did that time go!

I still can’t believe that you are 14 and growing in to the most incredible young man. 598 more words

French Comedian Arrested For Comment On Facebook


The controversial French comedian Dieudonné M’bala M’bala has been arrested and is going to go to trial after posting a comment on his Facebook page that appeared to support Amedy Coulibaly, the terrorist who gunned down four hostages at a kosher supermarket in Paris last week. 61 more words