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Syria: Western Sabotage During the Aleppo Prison Siege?

A June 5, 2014, article at Al Akhbar describes how the Aleppo prison siege in Syria was about to come to an end after Assad government officials and opposition groups had reached an agreement concerning the facility and the inmates, yet this agreement was sabotaged by the Red Cross and a sniper – who likely was an ISIS/Israeli/UNEI/Saudi operative – which led the siege to continue for another 10 months. 51 more words


Fragile Ceasefire


Now that a Palestinian – Israeli ceasefire is in effect both sides are contemplating who came out the victor. Israel is clearly concerned over the Hamas’s positive image and some members of the Likud party aren’t satisified with the outcome saying that Israel should have continued the assault. 109 more words


An introduction to Lamentations

The book of Lamentations

Lamentations grieves over of Jerusalem’s fall. It’s believed to have been written by Jeremiah, but the only thing we can know for certain is that it was written by someone who was there during the siege and immediately afterwards. 175 more words


Leave Jerusalem or die

Jeremiah says Jerusalem will fall; Ezekiel says Tyre, Sidon and Egypt will also fall, but Israel will be restored: Jeremiah 21; Ezekiel 27–29:16

We don’t know when Jeremiah delivered this message: was it during the start of the siege, sometime around the break (when Egypt had briefly appeared to help Israel), or towards the end, when things looked grim? 84 more words



Its been a while since I first used Markus ‘Siege’ Bisbane and although I probably have not got a perfect army for him, he does solve a problem which is why I am back to him after a three year break. 706 more words