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Title: Siege
Author: Simon Kernick
Pages: 386
Genre: Crime / Thriller
16.00 A normal afternoon.
THE MANAGER -Newly engaged Elena Serenko has just made the life-changing decision to quit her job and start a new life in Australia… 446 more words

Book Review

Battle 040 - Exigence Release, Cygnar vs Trolls, Siege vs Madrak: PacMan THIS, Fothermucker!

On Saturday I ran an Exigence Release Event… my first game with Siege versus Skorne didn’t go so well… turns out that a charging Kovaas on Zaal’s Feat Turn is apparently quite capable of killing Siege. 2,304 more words


One year ago, the infamous September siege had shocked Zamboanga City. This had led to thousands of affected Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), as well as the whole Zamboanga, and even the neighboring towns/cities have been left distressed; We too have been affected, thus, our role as Civil Society Organizations prevail and our responsibilities focus more on the social and humanitarian works as an aid to our much affected brothers and sisters. 74 more words


The Day Kate Adie Came To My Grandparents House.

It was the day of the siege in Oaklands way. (I’d never herd of it either) Someone was due to appear in court but refused, turns out he hid in his house, armed.  288 more words

DoT: Starlight Siege

In the beginning there was a BIG BANG…

This week is causing a stir as there is a new fighter in TOWN, well outta space… 336 more words


أبو عمر، شهيد العطش، مخيم اليرموك Abu Omar, Martyr of Thirst

أبوعمر ‫#‏شهيد_عطش‬ في ‫#‏مخيم_اليرموك‬

مستغربين؟ ليش؟ أو يمكن كلنا راح نمرق عادي ع الخبر, لانو شخص يستشهد باليرموك صار شي عادي جداً

ذنب أبوعمر انو المي مقطوعة عندو, متلو متل باقية الـ20 ألف شخص المحاصرين باليرموك, راح ليعبي من البير الوحيد, مياه جوفية وهي مش صالحة للشرب أساساً, نزلت قذيفة وراحت عينو وايدو, وبعد 10 ساعات استشهد