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The Introduction

Pensieve is portmanteau, combining the words ‘pensive’ and ‘sieve.’ The latter is an object in which something may be sorted, drained or separated, and ‘Pensive’ means ‘to ponder,’ here means ‘thoughtful’ or ‘reflective;’ thus a ‘pensieve’ allows for the sorting of thoughts, or memories.


Encore Tech Challenge: Using Sieves to Identify Mesh Range

Pam runs Powder Inc’s Research and Development lab. She is looking for sieves to help identify the mesh range of their activated charcoal powder, as well as quantify (for quality reasons) the percentage that falls into each mesh size. 153 more words

For The Lab

3D-Printer and Your Coffee Grinder

Two weeks ago I acquired a 3D printer; specifically the Printrbot Simple Metal Kit and, after some warranty help, it’s printing well. The first thing I printed was the fan shroud for the 3D printer itself, as recommended by Printrbot, but the next things were for my own design. 396 more words