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Tasty Brown Rice For A Change

After most people have eaten my brown rice they say, “I am not making brown rice again unless I can make it taste like yours.” 903 more words

Brown Rice

Pass Through a Sieve

  After the pounded cherries have had time to infuse flavor and color into the cream and sugar syrup mixture for the receipt (recipe) Cherry Ice Cream… 26 more words

Culinary History

Blink and you'll see it again in a minute

Some people like running. Some people like taking photos. Some people can do both, but can anybody do them both at the same time without ending up with a smorgasbord of fractures and a face like John Merrick? 501 more words


Web Master...

Again this is an activity made in one of my classes for work.

Objective:  Weave a web. Time: 1-5 hours.   Need:  Cut up lengths of multi-colored T-shirts.   169 more words

Hypothesis H and an introduction to sieve theory

Having finished (at least for now) our work on the circle method, we will move on to something called sieve theory. It’s worth noting that, even though things won’t be done with complete rigour, we will need some recurring notation. 1,025 more words

Sieve Theory

Sabiki Tip of The Day 7/3/2014

When baking, sift all of your dry ingredients at once. That way, you can combine them and prevent any clumps from forming.