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Bluetooth SIG certifies Lollipop update for Google Nexus 7 – suggests update is on its way

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (1 & 2) has certified Android 5.0 (Lollipop) for the 2012 and 2013 Google Nexus 7. This suggests that the update will be rolling out to the tablet soon. 147 more words

Sigurd 10/21/2014 - Find Your Bliss

Tuesday 21 October 2014


I’m writing about losses we’ve experienced. Mister Counts, Dirty Bob, Fabulous Freddy Flitter, Horny Ernie, and those we knew who were instantly transformed to star dust when a Zuni Rocket cooked off and turned the Forrestal’s flight deck into a fulminating hell on earth, as well as others we saw die, but didn’t personally know. 482 more words

This Week

Sparkle In Gold

 Friday, October 17th, 2014


My name is Odette Wakim and I am the writer/blogger behind Sparkle In Gold. If you cannot already tell…I am in love with anything that “Sparkles In Gold.” Yes, I mean the glittery gold jewelry,  the golden-esque hues of clothing, and any gold accent there is out there. 254 more words


Sistem Informasi Geografis (SIG) adalah sistem informasi yang berdasar pada data keruangan dan merepresentasikan obyek di bumi. Dalam SIG sendiri teknologi informasi merupakan perangkat yang membantu dalam menyimpan data, memproses data, menganalisa data, mengelola data dan menyajikan informasi. 717 more words


RotG - part 4

For a game of online duck-duck-goose, I was told to don a signature of the Little Match Girl (whom I masqueraded as in a chat-room costume party once). 29 more words


Oracle Open World Middleware Update

So having been fortunate enough to attend part of Oracle Open World I provided some support to the UKOUG Fusion Middleware SIG chairman with a short briefing on some of the key points from OOW. 319 more words


Why is location technology so Low-Tech? By David Bartlett, Omnisense Ltd

First of all, let me be clear: GPS is not “low tech”.

Modern GPS receivers achieve astonishingly good performance. Considering that they are measuring the time of arrival of very weak radio signals transmitted from far away; signals that are just 2 MHz in bandwidth; getting reliable positioning of better than 5 metres is brilliant. 642 more words