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Lies I tell Myself

Music can be so soothing.

When I close my eyes,

I can’t help but think of your perfect face

Staring back at me.

I think this is a byproduct… 144 more words

Party Time.....

Today it’s another person’s birthday so its time to rave it up!!! (pfft thats a lie, we’re too lazy!)


I dont know what to write about tonight. By the way, Im sorry I didn’t write yesterday. It was a lazy day i guess. I went to work today and had old men with bad breath talk really close to me and a bunch of young guys try to pick me up. 115 more words

Random musings: On appearances part 2

Took off the eyeliner this week for a test. The “you look tired” comments returned. Maybe it is because we corelate lack of makeup with bed time? 11 more words

Random Musings



Sighs, draw a lexicon of pictures untitled,

Each breath exhumes a memory unjustified.

Though seemingly, these thoughts obscure to trifle,

With careful introspection, the heart’s motives clarified. 106 more words


RE: life

I believe that there are some people that can understand beauty far more than I can with all my senses.

Rambles In Shambles.