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I don't like this feeling

Ok, so let’s see… He has more free time available because of the summer holidays, yet Sunday he spends the day somewhere else when he could have spent the day with me… I’m missing something, if I could I’d try to spend almost all my free time with him, but because of where he lives and not being out I can’t do that however there’s nothing stopping him from spending the time with me, he has the majority of the week to do everything else but still I get a few hours Wednesday and Friday… Not Saturday or Sunday, that’s not much of a relationship or am I thinking wrong…. 117 more words


Misunderstanding and confused...

I always Learn something new, when I thought he stayed with an older couple because of the way he spoke of them, he tells me yesterday it is an older man in his 70′s and his son…. 207 more words


Changed my mind

Well it was a nice birthday, my boyfriend arrived early in the morning, we went shopping, came home and he made supper which was great, we drank then relaxed in the bedroom… Had a great time all in all, then 8:00pm arrived, I asked if he’d make an exception and stay and go out to celebrate with me but he refused, so here I am laying on the bed writing my blog instead, I could go out alone and had planned on doing that either way but after he left it just felt lost and had no one to go out with and going alone felt stupid, so here I am, writing, I did cry a bit but that ended.. 44 more words


Today I turn 51.

Well today I turn 51, doesn’t seem like it, I don’t feel or act it, my boyfriend is on his way, very early but that’s ok, I’m actually not feeling like doing anything, I feel more down than anything, I guess it’s because I wanted him to spend the night and maybe go out tonight.. 191 more words


Happy birthday to me! One way or an other...

I missed writing yesterday… Yesterday was my free day home and the plan was for him to come over and we’d just relax in each other’s arms and watch Netflix or something, maybe get a little cozy later on…. 1,186 more words


Thinking About Your Significant Other Can Increase Your Energy

In a society where people are held to extremely¬†high standards of performance, it’s no surprise the word “stress” is used most often in negative contexts. 192 more words

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Ok, I'm a dork and I'm excited...

The man in my life is back in Wisconsin after a week-long trip to Las Vegas. I know, a week, boo-hoo, right? I kept myself busy and I actually didn’t miss him until about Tuesday night, so I did really well! 316 more words