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10 Types Of Girlfriends & Boyfriends That Suck

You may experience several of these lovers or you may never encounter a single one (if that’s the case, consider yourself hash tag blessed). Hey, you might even meet someone who’s a combination of multiple, sucky characteristics. 1,069 more words

Too Comfortable

I just have to complain for one second…then I promise to be my normal, humorous self in a very soon to happen post.

What is it with men (women too but I’m in to men so I notice it with men the most) who like…I mean, there’s no other way to put it–have no balls? 142 more words

Euphoria tackles Malice

Euphoria tackles Malice

-Gaurav Nayal


Did I ever try to figure out the malice in the problem

That lay between us, two stubborn souls

What was the cause and what went wrong… 175 more words


Haiku 3


Today marks a year with him

What a year it’s been!


Significant other

Life is short, busy and rush. After getting home from work, I only have few hours to eat, rest, check email/messages, and think about my future goals. 75 more words


Give Country a Chance

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Now look, I no a lot of you are probably not into country music.  Just a few months ago neither was I.  A few of my friends got into country music about two years and I rarely enjoyed listening to it. 214 more words


Significant Other or Insignificant Other? How Do You Know?

Ever wonder where you stand with someone? Is defining a relationship necessary? Well, I think at some point you do need to know.  Often times we end up in relationship limbo because we don’t want rock the boat or we end up in a “ 811 more words