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What happens when the person you love most doesn't share your priorities?

I just had this conversation not too long ago with my boyfriend. As coaches, we see this all the time. That person that has trouble showing up to train or workout regularly and their excuse always seems to be something like, “my has been mad at me spending too much time at the gym lately, so I’m not gonna make it tonight.” 1,117 more words

Healthy Eating

Why am I Awake?

It’s 3am and my body has decided that it’s done sleeping. So obviously the solution is to write a blog. Duh guys.

So I’m finally learning a lesson. 387 more words

Bedtime update

I know I love him deeply and I know I’d love to spend the rest of my life with him, but I know what it’s like to be in the closet, I know and have friends that are in relationships where one is in the closet… And I know the struggles they go through and have been through, how they argue when family go visit and they have their partner leave so they can seem to be living a straight life and it’s not an easy relationship for them, or I should say their partner.. 702 more words

Love And Patience

Envious of happy endings

I thought I slept well last night, what with no one beside me as usual and actually going to bed early, I think I only woke once or twice though I had him on my mind while going to sleep like I do any other night… My clock went off at 6:03AM as usual and of course I hit the snooze button right up till 7:00AM then I decided I didn’t feel like going into work, still feeling a bit down but not really down, hard to explain, anyway I obviously didn’t go I to work but texted and said I want going in but they could reach me if there was a problem, though now there are very few problems as I’ve pretty much got things under control and back to normal. 742 more words

Love And Patience

Deep silent thoughts

11:10am, waiting for Frank to arrive… Today I feel very tired, not sure why as I seemed to have slept well… Maybe it has to do with my overthinking and constant wondering where we are, what we are and where are we going… Or is this all there is and it’s just a matter of time before it all comes crashing down on me… 389 more words

Love And Patience

I'm still perplexed

It’s been a bit since I last wrote something here, been a bit busy trying to find a job, sending out cv’s and a few interviews…. 412 more words

Love And Patience

Control Freak: A Woman's Relationship Truth.

I don’t know when it started.

Maybe it started back in the 50s, when women were expected to be beautiful, perfect mothers, perfect wives, slaves to their household, and somehow impeccably put together and cheerful all the time. 658 more words