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"sed days are sed"

Everyone seems to be in the glooms today. Here is an uplifting and beautiful song by Sigur Ros.

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From the Distressor EP comes this amazing end of the world track. The wall of sound technique establishes the sense of detachment that the song relies on, and it is in this state of real only self-awareness that the lyrics (which are actually mostly indecipherable), reach their full effect: … 69 more words


Saturday Morning Music - 24 - Sigur Ros

By now, it’s fall in the northern hemisphere. Half way through October and the trees are going dormant, the animals are migrating, and the bears are getting fat and ready for a slumber. 39 more words


Finding The Words

Lately, I’ve been in a constant state of feeling like I’m forgetting something. Not only that, but I also feel like I have so much to say, but I don’t have the words. 613 more words


Ten Life-Changing Albums

This afternoon I was challenged via Facebook to create a list of ‘15 albums that changed me in 15 minutes’. Despite the slight vagueness of the instructions (do I write the list in 15 minutes? 1,047 more words

What music inspires you?

Ah, music. Have you ever met a person who has not been moved by a particular song or arrangement? Even my current roommate, who says he is the most musically challenged person in all of New York, is moved by Chopin and Tchaikowsky. 290 more words