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It slipped through the cracks

This film slipped through the cracks some how but was brought to my attention recently. I seriously can’t get Iceland off of my mind and seem to be trying to find anyway possible to incorporate their music into my everyday life. 70 more words

Error with the Menu!

Slowly getting used to navigating my way around my blog and learning how to use it. I’m still none the wiser on what the Menus and Pages are all about and still trying to figure out how they work!! 13 more words


Sigur Ros - HippĂ­polla

Everyone has a song they listen to when they’re feeling upset or angry or just not themselves, this is mine. I think it’s nice to have a song you can listen to that makes you calm back down and feel like yourself again. 88 more words


The best reaction to Sigur Ros

I hope you’ve heard of Sigur Ros. They’re Iceland’s most popular (based on a survey of me) band and make some outstandingly beautiful music.

If you don’t recognise the name, then you may have heard their song Hoppipolla or its remix Poppiholla and not realised it was them. 378 more words

Most Difficult Festival Headliners to see before you kick the bucket, Top 10

Everyone has a favorite artist or band to see in their lifetime that they have missed or just never had the opportunity to witness live at a festival. 1,725 more words


Hoppipolla (or jumping in puddles...)

The small people came for the whole day on Saturday last as their mother was FINISHING her Christmas shopping…..sometimes I want to slap her. Hard. 221 more words

Life, The Universe And Everything...